How to decorate a small kitchen

Posted on September 10th, 2022 03:45 PM
How to decorate a small kitchen

Small kitchens are so common in homes today that we have become accustomed to them. This does not imply that we do not fantasize about having a larger one or that sometimes it is difficult for us to see it as a functional room. The truth is that in order to use this room and get the most out of it, we need a certain space to work and be able to move freely. But since many of us cannot afford to enlarge the surface of the house, we are going to review some tips to learn how to decorate a small kitchen so that it, in addition to being aesthetic, helps us in our day to day.

How to decorate a small and simple kitchen with little money

bet on white

Small white kitchens are very common both in Nordic designs and in other styles. This is because this color creates a visual sense of spaciousness so that the room appears larger. In addition, the white color reflects light, increasing the brightness of the room, which also creates an illusion of more space. Likewise, and for it to reflect on the white furniture, the natural light that enters from the windows will be important and how we dress them with curtains or blinds.

How to decorate a small and simple kitchen with little money

What color to put the appliances in a white kitchen?

But do we have to put everything white just because we have a small kitchen? Nor is that the solution we seek in its entirety. We can break the monotony , for example, with the appliances themselves if we choose them metallic . Many modern small kitchens have them, as they add a touch of modernity and elegance.

Another option would be to get out of neutral tones and add some color with small appliances . In this way we provide more color but without cluttering up the visual space too much. In addition, these pieces provide a lot of personality and define the style, since we can find them both vintage and modern.

metallic appliances

keep order

This advice can be extended to the entire home if you want to create a comfortable environment, but if the rooms are small, you have to follow it with even more effort. When we enter a crowded and messy place, the feeling of spaciousness disappears and, many times, also that of cleanliness . This is something that cannot happen in the kitchen, regardless of its style or size, so it is important to maintain order in it. For these reasons, even more so in small kitchens, it is essential to have things in their place and to know where each one is placed. In this way it will be easier for us to find them and also to place them again.

Tips for decorating a small kitchen

And the shelves, open or hidden?

Although it could be seen as a matter of taste, many times the answer depends on the possibilities offered by the home. If the walls of your kitchen do not fit more cabinets, you may have a corner to place some small open shelves. They are cheap and easy to install , you can even make them yourself easily with supports and wooden boards. With them you will have an extra space to place the utensils that you use the most on a daily basis.

On the other hand, the advantage of kitchen cabinets is that they have more storage capacity . In addition, what you keep inside them is not visible, so it is not necessary to keep them as arranged and in order as open shelves.

Open shelving in the kitchen

Accessories are also necessary to decorate a small kitchen

Not because we have a small space we are going to stop decorating it and make it more pleasant and personal. The accessories, although they are not fully decorative and also have a function, must combine and add style to the room. As an example we could use for this purpose the jars for the spices, the teapot or the clock, as well as the curtains or blinds that dress the windows and that can be found specially designed for the kitchen.

If we have a small space available, it will be ideal to place a small breakfast corner that, in addition to adding value and practicality to the kitchen, decorates it. A great idea is to choose a small kitchen table, even folding (highly recommended in small elongated kitchens), to have a dining area only when we need it.

How to decorate a small kitchen

Basic tips for decorating small kitchens

After reviewing these tips, we can conclude the most basic thing we should do when decorating a small kitchen and make it more functional. In summary, it would be the following:

  • bet on using white or neutral bases and adding color in accessories and details;
  • make a small effort to keep the kitchen tidy , even more so with the items you have in sight;
  • try to make the most of the space possible with elements such as shelves or folding tables, but without cluttering it ;
  • do not forget to reflect your tastes with the decoration, even if it is with practical and not just decorative utensils.