How to decorate shared rooms

Posted on November 16th, 2019 10:37 AM
How to decorate shared rooms

Do you think if we help you decorate shared rooms? We promise that kids will love it.

Sharing a bedroom with your brother or sister is something that almost everyone has been through. But this time we are going to give you several tips on how to decorate shared rooms so you can make the most of the space while creating your own corners that make them feel good. 

When we set ourselves the task of dividing spaces, it can be for several reasons. Either you have to assign different areas to each brother so that each one has their own space, or that you divide the bedroom into areas with different purposes: a study area, a playground, and one more for rest . Anyway, today we are going to give you a lot of ideas on how to decorate the shared rooms.

One room and several children

Double children's bedroom.

When we talk about sharing a room with siblings , it is not always easy. The ages, tastes and habits of each  can collide with those of the other.

Hence it is so important to delimit each other's space very well of them and try, as far as possible, to have their own personality.

You can paint each wall a color, use posters of your favorite characters and dress their beds with the tones they like best. It's about feeling like they own that space and that they are reflected in it.

Divide and conquer: decorate shared rooms

Furniture for double rooms.

An idea to separate environments in a children's room is to place a shelf that does its decorative function , storage function, and that delimits spaces very well. Without a doubt it is a most practical and functional solution, since you will kill several birds with one stone.

If the bedroom is very small and does not fit a piece of furniture, you can also use a curtain fabric that separates when necessary, but remains open during the long afternoons of games .

Now, if you have enough space, the best solution would be to place sliding doors along the bedroom. It is the same function of the curtains, but they give much more privacy and change the aesthetics of the environment completely. This is the most expensive alternative, but there are also a lot of variants that can be adjusted to different budgets .

A little order when decorating shared rooms

Order in the shared rooms.

We always talk to you about the importance of order, and even more so when there are several people who will live in the same environment. When it comes to children, no effort is over when talking about organization .

We advise you to get the best accessories for cabinets, boxes with wheels, baskets, colored containers for your toys ... everything that can help you with this capital task .

Do not forget, if you make it easy and make it attractive, it is easy for children to also collaborate in household chores . 

Decorate multipurpose shared rooms

As we said before, you may also need to divide the room to delimit the study area very well , regardless of the children who share it.

In this case, the tips mentioned above may be useful; although you can use some tips extra like the ones we give you below.

Study zone

Study area for children's room.

You have an article in which we tell you everything a study room should have so that it favors the concentration and creativity of the little ones. Basically, you need to create a quiet environment, without distractions, but that encourages their desire to learn and make them feel comfortable.

Depending on the ages, you can place some puffs so that not everything has to be done on the desktop . And if we talk about divisions, a slate wall would be ideal for them to have where to aim, do their calculations or draw.

Game's zone

Play area for a children's room.

Here comes the playful part, and this should leave enough space to give free rein to your imagination , but you must also provide them with the tools so they can be organized. Look at these ideas to keep your toys tidy .

We suggest that you put a carpet with fun motifs in the area you want to leave for your games , and that there are containers, trunks and boxes so that everything stays stored later.

As you can see, decorating shared rooms is not so complicated if you take into account their tastes and some basic rules of order and privacy.