How to decorate with cushions and not die trying

Posted on January 4th, 2020 11:30 AM
How to decorate with cushions and not die trying

Cushions are very versatile elements that contribute a lot to the decoration of any home. They are in the rooms and in the living room, that is, in the most important areas of the house. That is why you have to know how to decorate with them and combine them without dying in the attempt and without it seems that you have gone to a flea market, bought the first thing that has fallen into your hands and left it in any way out there.

There are people who seem to have a gift for this kind of thing and are able to see how the colors will look without having them together. Others, we are not so lucky and that is why we like to use the advice given by experts to be able to make combinations of cushions and colors without ending up falling into a meaningless hodgepodge.

Sometimes by default, sometimes by excess it is easy not to succeed, but the good thing about the cushions is that the covers are easy to change and are not excessively expensive , so if something does not work we can always try again learning from the mistakes.

Let's see the most used and recommended tricks by decorators to always succeed without having to complicate life too much. Useful tips that everyone can learn to drive to get beautiful and very useful combinations that will give a different air to the room or the living room.

Play with three maximum tones

The first question that arises has to do with color; some because they love colors and end up creating combinations that are pure psychedelia, others, because they exceed sobriety and end up with so bland results that they do not contribute too decoratively speaking.

Playing with colors can be complicated if you are not used to decorating. Therefore, the advice that we recommend, is the best for those who start in this art, it is better to play with a maximum of three tones, since you are rarely wrong. The main tone will be the tone of the sofa or the bedspread (if the most meaningful color is stamped).

If the sofa or the quilt are printed then it is best to bet on cushions that are either just matching or are plain. This will always be right. For example, in the case of a quilt the matching cushions with the same and other smooth in the main tone. This bet is safe and there is no margin for error.

On the sofa, exactly the same, if the cover is printed, the cushions with the same pattern or with the main tone of the sofa but in plain. And if the cover is smooth, then you can always play with the printed cushions with the tone of the cover as the main color and even introduce other plain cushions in a third contrasting tone.

Try mixing different shapes and textures

One of the most frequent mistakes when trying to combine cushions is to buy them all in the same size and shape, usually square. However, cushions with different shapes : square, rectangular and even round, can be combined with each other and create attractive combinations that will make your sofa or your bed look much less corseted.

On the sofa you can bet on large cushions for the sides, on which you can rest smaller ones. You can even place a narrower and elongated cushion in the central area that, in addition to being beautiful, will pick up the back area very well when sitting, making it more comfortable.

In bed, you can play with two to two equal cushions to achieve a certain very attractive geometric effect. Decreasing sizes, placing the largest directly on the pillow and the smallest in the most remote area, also help create a very attractive aesthetic.

As for the color, you can cross-combine, for example, the two largest in two different shades, one white and one black and do the same with the smaller ones. The little black would be next to the big white and vice versa, creating a nice cross effect.

Finally, do not be afraid of beads, but always in the tone and to the appropriate extent . It is not bad that a cushion has some stones, but if these are a color that does not stick, they will not be a success but a very big failure. Therefore, have the same criteria for the beads as for the prints and choose their colors following the same rules.

As for the glitters, they are fashionable and perfectly admissible, but without exceeding you so that they do not look overloaded or even a bit overdone.