How to decorate your bedroom in ethnic style

Posted on September 17th, 2022 05:19 PM
How to decorate your bedroom in ethnic style

 If you are looking for how to give a renewed and different air to the decoration of your bedroom, do not miss these simple tips to recognize the ethnic style and be able to incorporate it into your rooms .

What is ethnic style?

The ethnic style within the world of interior design refers to a combination of different cultures and traditions united in the same place. It connects nature with aspects of African, Aztec, Arabic and similar art , in order to achieve warm and welcoming environments .

Tips for decorating an ethnic style bedroom

As we see by its definition, the ethnic style is a great option to decorate our own bedroom, but it is also a great option for a youth room or for the bedroom of our rental or vacation home . And it is that this current, while being casual and natural, seeks everything we may need in a room: a comfortable place that makes us feel at ease . Let's see how to incorporate it into what should be a haven of peace at home.

add craft

The pieces made by hand are closely linked to the cultures that the ethnic style combines, so they are essential to decorate with it. We can add them in the form of furniture or accessories such as basketry . The important thing is that they convey the philosophy of unique and handmade pieces that this trend pursues.

Ethnic style bedroom

Use natural materials

Lately they are the star of interior design, and it is sure to be a trend that is here to stay. Use wood, wicker or rattan for your tables, accessories, bed and ethnic headboards ; natural fibers such as linen or cotton are also welcome in your textiles.

How to decorate a bedroom

color your spaces

The color can not be missing in this style. You can use soft tones that remind us of nature such as terracotta , sand, brown, green, … You can also add more striking or more intense colors, but remember not to overdo it so that the bedroom does not have an environment that activates you, if not let you relax

ethnic style

Choose patterned textiles

Regardless of the material with which they are made, ethnic-style textiles are not usually smooth and uniform. Do not cut yourself with accessories such as cushions, blankets or rugs to bring this current to your bedroom. Add different cultures by mixing different drawings and patterns that reflect them.

youth bedroom

Incorporate a bit of nature

As we said at the beginning, this style seeks to add the nature of the exterior to the interior of homes. There are several ways to achieve it, one of them is by adding the colors that evoke it, as we discussed in another point. Another is with plants . Do not be afraid to have plants in the bedroom, as long as it is not excessive, they not only decorate, they also help purify the air in the room.

ethnic textiles

Don't forget the wall decoration

Sometimes, to avoid overloading a space, we forget to decorate some parts, such as the walls. We should not overdo it in the bedroom, but the ethnic style would not be the same without details such as tapestries or macramé accessories adorning the wall.

Ethnic style bedroom

Now that you know the basic keys to get an ethnic style bedroom, would you put it in your house?