How to decorate your home with minimalist trends of 2022?

Posted on May 11th, 2022 02:28 PM
How to decorate your home with minimalist trends of 2022?

More and more new trends appear to decorate the home based on functionality, aesthetics and comfort . It is no longer just a question of spaces being aesthetic, but of making the most of them, resulting in an innovative but also functional decorative style. The idea is that the interior spaces seem more spacious and comfortable , that they have all the necessary elements for the home but without saturating the room , even if the house is small. These trends are the minimalist ones , which achieve that functional and organized effect that we are looking for today.

What are the minimalist trends for the home?

Decorating minimalist homes can be a challenge, but we can always get ideas from trends that add basic and functional elements, but also add a nice touch to the space. To follow this philosophy, interior designers recommend the “less is more” rule , so that the space looks clean, organized, functional, aesthetic and comfortable. But since not everything is reduced to that, we are going to review some of the minimalist trends of this year.

Kitchen room

The minimalist style kitchen is committed to a clean design , with straight lines and without saturation, always seeking order in space. One option is natural wood drawers with simple designs and optimized in size, avoiding cluttering the room. Light tones in their natural state fill the kitchen with comfort, as well as giving them a modern style. A sliding door with access to the garden or another adjoining place can also be placed to better optimize the space.


In the bathroom you can place shelves made of natural wood and bathroom organizers with drawers. These elements offer a creative style to the space in the most practical way, although we will save space if we install the shelves and organizer boxes on the walls , above the furniture.

Living room

Other spaces to decorate in the home are the living room and the dining room. The closed concept of each space was left in the past, the new trend is the open concept . These rooms can be together but have a distinctive touch that represents the limits of each of them. Although preferably, both should have the walls in the same color (it is recommended that they be white or in pastel tones) and furniture with similar designs. To decorate them we can include simple decorative paintings and potted plants.


Another idea to follow minimalism is to have built-in wardrobes that offer spaciousness and cleanliness to the rooms of the home. They are a great solution for storage, being the most effective for this style, since it expands the space, generating a sense of order and organization . Some come with drawers or shelves to place decorative elements inside, but they are chosen based on space and needs.


Decorating a bedroom with minimalist trends is a great idea, since this room needs a relaxed atmosphere and nothing ornate . We can use light colored furniture, fitted wardrobes, light bedside tables with drawers and table lamps or wall lamps. Sliding doors can also be placed here to enter the bathroom, thus helping to expand the space.

And for outdoor decoration?

In the exteriors , white lacquered wooden doors and windows with light-colored shutters are a trend. They are part of minimalism because they are functional, safe and aesthetic; In addition, they combine with any type of facade.