How to dress an elegant bed

Posted on November 14th, 2022 04:53 PM
How to dress an elegant bed

Whether in a small single room or in an XXL suite, the queen of any bedroom is undoubtedly the bed. There are countless styles and trends that you can use to decorate it, but in this post we want to tell you the best tricks on how to dress an elegant bed and surrender to its advantages.

Height and canopy, the winning combo

A bed of a certain height brings solemnity to the decoration of a bedroom. However, it will not be comfortable for everyone, since including it will be a success depending on how the people who are going to use it on a daily basis are.

If a loft bed is not a problem for you, you can opt for it and give it the quintessential elegant touch: a canopy. There is no more elegant combination for a bed than to equip it with these three winning elements: height, decoration and a canopy.

There are many types of canopy, ranging from a simple bed frame to drapery or mosquito netting. There are even canopies with lights that can help create an intimate and romantic space.

Dress up an elegant bed

Floor-length duvets and blankets

When looking for inspiration to decorate your quintessential rest corner, you will see a common denominator in all the photos, videos and tutorials that you can consult: in all the decorative sets that convey a sense of order, harmony and elegance, the textiles that cover the bed they reach the ground.

This is so for a simple reason, and that is that the bottom of a bed is not usually aesthetic, especially if we have a bed with legs and we take advantage of the space below to store shoes, boxes, etc. To avoid aesthetic disagreements, we recommend that you choose duvets and wide quilts , taking into account these 3 aspects:

  •  the width of your bed,
  •  the height of your mattress,
  •  and the height of your bed including its legs.
modern bedrooms

The secret is in the cushions

If you give the decoration of the bed the prominence it deserves, it is likely that you have reserved a small budget to acquire quality sheets, with good finishes and a pleasant touch. After stopping at those details, don't forget the last step that will give your bed the final touch : the cushions.

An elegant bed will include some special size or finish cushions, as they will help you frame its design. However, you have to be careful when adding this element, otherwise you will create an informal and inharmonious look that will move away from the elegance that we are after.

How to dress an elegant bed

Don't forget the plaids

There is no well - decorated bed worth its salt that does not include that perfectly folded blanket placed in the foot area  on the mattress . This blanket is known by the specific name of plaid .

Plaids for bed

Create symmetry

Cushions, blankets, footboard type furniture, … There are countless options that you can include in the decoration of your bed. For it to result in an elegant ensemble, one of the keys is symmetry.

Here are some tips that will help you create symmetry in your bedroom :

– In a double bed, place two large cushions next to each other.

– If you are lucky enough to be able to add a canopy, open your curtains in the middle and tie them with some drop as if they were two curtains.

– Carefully fold the plaid and place it well distributed across the width of the bed, so that it hangs equally on both sides of the bed.

– If your duvet or quilt has a pattern, make sure to place it so that its motif is well centered.

As you can see, countless elements come into play when we ask ourselves how to dress an elegant bed. We hope these tips help make your bed one of the stars of your home.