How to get the British cottage style at home

Posted on November 30th, 2019 09:32 AM
How to get the British cottage style at home

Do you feel inspired by the great English country houses and their wonderful and warm decoration? Today we tell you all the keys to achieve this aesthetic.

We are going to know today a style that is all yearning, romanticism and good taste. The British Cottage style is a classic of interior design. Full of nostalgia and sensitivity, this is the decoration that transports us to the softness, colors and smells of the picturesque hills of the English countryside.

A style that creates dream houses, worthy of the best novels . 

This is an aesthetic that we love, but it is also one of the most complicated to solve. A style that does not need a house in the country. Even a small apartment can be converted to the magic of a pure British cottage style .

To achieve the wonderful feeling of warmth and comfort of this style, it will be enough to correctly complement its key elements , such as fabrics, colors, carpets, furniture and decorative accessories that characterize it. We give you all the clues.

British cottage style colors

How to decorate with british cottage style

We opt for light colors for this decorative style. Its romantic, nostalgic and delicate touch does not admit too many dark colors.

Pastel, white or raw tones and even creamy beige are the tones that combine and highlight the floral patterns so characteristic of this look . As an accent, a small touch of some darker tone can be added, but very carefully.

The furniture is painted in these pastel colors or we can even soften the wooden furniture that we don't want to color. The green tones can not be missing in this style, although our advice is that they are added within the patterns, in the form of branches or leaves. It also supports natural green plants.

Textile layers and layers

Toile Jouy print.

This is one of the styles that uses more combination of fabrics. The fabrics in the British cottage are the real protagonists. Printed fabrics and pastel colors are the flag on which all this aesthetics is based.

Flowers are the main theme and with them you can let your imagination fly , because they are not limited only to upholsteries. Floral prints are welcome in the cottage style on sofas, curtains or cushions. But they also have a privileged place at the bottom of the showcases, the lampshades and even on the walls.

The trick is to choose them well and not overload the stay . Combine it with simple pieces in plain colors so that competition for attention is not created. The combination of floral patterned fabrics gives an instant home environment.

Lots and lots of books

In the British cottage you can not miss the corners of reading . It doesn't matter if we are decorating the living room or the bedroom. Books and the English countryside have always gone hand in hand. These types of houses become true centers of retreat and introspection.

Recover your old bookcase with a good paint hand, place a comfortable armchair upholstered with flowers , a footrest, many matching cushions, a small table with a large lamp and fill it with books. And there you have your British cottage style reading corner .

Also stack the books on the coffee tables in the living room or even give them a large round table to stack them all and that they are always available. Old books will always be in sight and are another of the jewels of these romantic spaces, especially those with worn leather covers.

Flowers and more flowers

Flowers in british cottage decoration

When we talk about flowers in the British cottage style, we can't just keep upholstery. These houses are full of natural floral arrangements everywhere . Lavender, violets, thyme and sage are elements with which to fill the beautiful ceramic vases of the countryside houses.

Make sure you have flowers on the coffee table , side tables and sideboards. This style also allows us to add vintage elements almost without limit . Rocking chairs, cages full of plants and old porcelain pieces. Mix them with the books and don't forget to add some tray to serve the tea.