How to improve my living room

Posted on January 8th, 2021 01:33 PM
How to improve my living room

Sometimes improving a room can seem complicated, but with subtle changes incredible improvements can be achieved by taking advantage of the space and playing with the light. For example, the living room is a room where you live a lot and spend a lot of hours. So today we are going to focus on this room. Here we leave you some proposals to get a nice and comfortable living room.

1. Windows and lamps.

Having large windows will allow you to make the most of natural light.  Accompanying it with lamps will help improve the light in the room and the harmony of the room. Currently it is committed to a minimalist and simple design. Placing an industrial floor lamp can be perfect to illuminate the area where the sofa and armchairs are located. A ceiling lamp with bulbs can help to illuminate the room in a complete and comfortable way, they are very easy to find and are ideal. Another alternative to illuminate the whole room are the spotlights, currently a very simple option is being chosen to play with the light.

How to improve your living room

2. Doors.

They also play an important role in decoration, this year we are still betting on the doors that play a role in the room. In black or natural brown tones. It is no longer a problem that the doors occupy a space because glass has been opted for so that what is on the other side can be seen from the inside or outside, creating a feeling of space in any case.

3. Less is more.

The current trend is to use a minimum amount of furniture in order to make the most of the space. The ideal option is to place a sofa with two small armchairs and a low table. You can also bet on shelves with the aim of creating a comfortable and close style. It is the perfect place to place family photos or flowers. Vases are the perfect decorative item this season, with both natural and dried flowers.

Less is more in decoration

4. Tables.

The paintings have become a perfect decorative element to give an original touch to the room and even a touch of color. Currently it is chosen both to hang them and to place them on some surface. Perfect those with an abstract style or those who bet on landscapes.

5. Colors.

The colors of this season are neutral, beige is back with force, but also some more intense colors. Beige is a beautiful color, but one that is very scary because of possible stains. Although the color of this year has undoubtedly been dark blue for sofas and armchairs, orange colors have also been chosen for this type of furniture.

Colors to decorate the living room


Things to avoid when decorating the living room

Here we also leave you a series of tips to avoid certain errors related to home decoration.


Choose the color of the room depending on the characteristics of the room. If the room does not have much natural light, it is preferable not to use a cold color as this will completely turn off the environment. The best in low light is to choose a vivid color.

Prints .

Excessive patterning on furniture or carpets can make the end result overloaded or excessive. The best thing is that if prints are chosen, they combine in color.

Prints to decorate

Aesthetical .

It is important to remember that the chosen piece of furniture must be aesthetic, but also practical and comfortable. It is useless to have a nice chair if later it turns out that no one wants to sit in it because it is very uncomfortable.


In the living room it is also considered very relevant to have a space in which to store what is necessary in the room, for example, cables, controls, candles, among other things.

Avoid concentrating the furniture on the wall.

Although it is true that it creates an effect of greater space, it breaks with the harmony of the room. The important thing is to move away the bulkier furniture and create small spaces that combine, for example, armchairs and a low coffee table.

Living room textiles


Betting on plastic plants is fine, but you should not abuse, as they usually provide a lot of dirt and dust. Therefore, you must have a continuous cleaning routine. Therefore, the easiest thing is to buy flowers that are in season and do not need much light.

Auxiliary tables.

They are very useful and comfortable, but placing more than two tables can cause a problem of excess in decoration and space.


In short, each decorative element is important, but you must always remember the important thing, which is to find harmony between all of them to achieve a beautiful and comfortable stay.