How to keep the house cool for good weather

Posted on April 3rd, 2021 01:46 PM
How to keep the house cool for good weather

With the change of time, the good weather usually arrives and, although we already know the saying "until May 40, do not take off your dress", we are looking forward to the heat this spring and the coming summer.

On the other hand, it seems that the health situation will continue to invite owners and tenants to stay in their homes for as long as possible. It is for this reason that it will be essential to keep the house cool . Fortunately it is not a complicated task, especially you apply these keys.

House with fresh wind.

Good air conditioning

Having an adequate technological system in the home is essential if it is to achieve optimal well-being within it. In this sense, ducted air conditioning is ideal . And it is that each room presents a stable temperature without appreciable differences between one and the other. Therefore, it is appreciated by those users who tend to change from one cabin to another frequently.

In addition, due to the wide variety of air conditioners available today, customization is maximum in every way. A clear example of this are the colored coatings , allowing the set to be perfectly integrated into any type of home, regardless of the style preferred by the owner or tenant: rustic, Nordic, minimalist…, whichever each one chooses.

Ventilate well

Luckily, spring and summer nights can bring a lower number of degrees inside the home. For this purpose it is essential to open the windows from eight in the afternoon . Two or three hours, or until you go to sleep, is enough for good ventilation.

Some users choose not to. The reason is that there are many mosquitoes and other insects in your area that can enter through windows that remain open. If this is also your case, the best solution is to install some mosquito nets .

Thanks to the magnetic curtain type models, the result is visually pleasing without affecting the decoration of the home . In addition, its installation is very simple, it is enough to have silicone.

Light decoration.

Fresh textiles.

The type of bedding  that is chosen can also favor the freshness of the house. A highly recommended material for its lightness is cotton . However, when it gets cool on some nights (especially when it rains), it is not enough to adequately shelter certain people. If this is your case, you will appreciate having a coral blanket . It stands out for being quite warm despite being light. In addition, it does not cause hot flashes by preventing the increase in body temperature, but simply maintains it, as happens with merino sheep wool.

The curtains will also be key when it comes to keeping the house cool, being able to choose textiles such as linen to achieve this. With this type of material, the light continues to enter but with less intensity. It will also help us in the task of ventilating the rooms, since it will let the air from outside pass but avoiding annoying gusts or unwanted insects.

Cold colors.

Some visual trick does not hurt to get that cool house that we are looking for with good weather. Decorate with a range of cool colors to give you a feeling of freshness. Whites, blues, greens, violets, ... the range to choose from is wide and very suitable for any taste. So you can even take advantage of the excuse to renew your textiles or decorative details a bit.