How to make a dress at home

Posted on July 11th, 2020 10:40 AM
How to make a dress at home

Making a dress is possible if you choose a good pattern, a fabric that is easy to sew and you have some notion of sewing.

How many times have you seen a dress in a store window and have been tempted to design a model by yourself? Making a dress is not impossible if you have the fabric and a good sewing machine, or needle and thread, in addition to the guide of steps below, in which we explain how to make a dress at home.

We cannot say that making a dress is something simple , or easy to carry out, but the truth is that with a suitable pattern and with some experience when sewing, you will be able to carry out your design and little by little, perfecting it, to the point of being able to wear it with pride.

Steps to make a dress at home

If you are determined to make your own dress, follow the steps below, but if you see that it did not just go as you expected, or as if it were a design taken from a store, do not despair. You must be careful and think that designing, cutting and sewing your dress is not something that you are going to do overnight.

  1. The first thing to keep in mind when making a dress will be to choose the fabric . It is logically recommended to choose the most suitable fabric, such as cotton , which is easy to work with, natural and that you can also find in all colors and patterns.
  2. The fabric should be washed before starting and thus avoid shrinking later, then it should be dried and ironed.
  3. Next, you should choose the model now, perhaps using a paper pattern found on the Internet or in stores, or you can use an existing dress to get at least an idea of ​​how to create a new one.
  4. You must take measurements with the tape measure to know the length of the width of the dress, and then measure your hips, waist, sleeves, neck and shoulders, or use a dress that you have as a model and fold in half length, then extend it on the fabric also folded in the same direction and trace the edges with dressmaker's chalk.
  5. Now, cut the fabric leaving 1 or 2 centimetres more for the seams after having spread it well following the lines drawn, finally open the fabric to see the outline of the entire dress; the sleeves and the neck must be separated, if the dress covers them;
  6. Join all the pieces of the dress with the help of pins, and always start sewing inside out with the zigzag of the sewing machine to prevent the fabric from losing its threads.
  7. Turn the dress right side out and check the various seams.
  8. To finish your dress you have to make the hem at the bottom , folding the edge and following the measurements, sew the hem of the dress after checking that everything is the same height.
  9. Completely finish the dress with ruffles, trims, buttons and other details, and cut the excess threads from the seams.