How To Make House Cozy & Warm

Posted on November 12th, 2018 08:15 AM
How To Make House Cozy & Warm

When we talk about a warmer home we do not refer to the temperature, but to the sensation that it produces when we enter it. We are talking about a cozy home, where you want to be and where we are going to feel comfortable .

How important it is to be comfortable at home! And how much the choice of textiles for your home contributes to that feeling ! From the curtains to the smallest details of the house, everything has its importance and contributes its granite of sand so that arriving home after a hard day, is even more satisfying.

Therefore, we will provide some tricks to make our house even more warm and welcoming and convey in a special way the spirit of all who live in it, making it unique and different from the rest.

The living room, the room of family and friends

The living room is one of the most important corners of the house , since the family gathers there and friends are received. That is why it is important that it be especially welcoming and warm.

The sofa covers can make living in the living room easier by not having to worry about the upholstery as much as making the sofa much more cozy and invite more to lie down.

But what really makes the difference in the living room are the little details like the ones we're going to see next: cushions and plaids.

The cushions and their importance in decoration

Imagine a nice living room with a large sofa for the whole family with cushions in different sizes. Now imagine that sofa without cushions or decorative elements. Change the thing, right? And is that the cushions bring a great warmth to any room, but especially to the living room and bedroom .

The cushions of different sizes and shapes allow everyone to get comfortable as they like using the cushion to lean on, to hold it while watching a movie or to use it as a seat on the floor while playing on the coffee table or on the carpet.

Plaids and sofa blankets

Another element that makes the living room and also the bedroom more pleasant are the blankets for the sofa, the plaids and the foulards. These textiles have many uses but the decorative one is one of them and, without doubt, they contribute much to any room in which they are used correctly.

Therefore, you should not choose any blanket for the sofa, or any plaid, but you must find the one that best matches the decoration of the room and also the most suitable for each season . The warm coral blanket that we like so much for winter can be kept in spring and changed to a lighter foulard and more cheerful colors that bring light to the room.

The bedroom, the most intimate place in the house

The bedroom is a very personal space and it has to have the touch of the person or persons to whom it belongs. Therefore, parents must learn to give a little in the children's room and allow them to have some decision-making power when choosing items as important as quilts  or duvet covers.

In the master bedroom, we can give the room a creative, elegant or carefree touch according to what we really want and what makes us feel more comfortable. To achieve this we not only have the bedding, but also the accessories already seen, such as cushions, plaids or curtains.

A flirtatious and inviting kitchen

Many times we fall into the error of thinking that once we have chosen the tiling or kitchen furniture and little else we can do to give warmth to this room. But the truth is that we can still provide very important details.

If your kitchen is large and has a table to eat every day, the choice of tablecloths is important. In many houses, you put a tablecloth to eat but you put another one the rest of the day as decoration, combined with the curtain of the kitchen. A very flirtatious touch that makes everything seem ready to enjoy a meal or a cozy after dinner.

Warmth also in your bathroom

Finally, we can not forget the bathroom. The bath towels and rugs are the textile elements that will give warmth to this room and that will make it have a very special touch.

In addition to choosing bathroom textiles well, you have to choose the elements to show them off, so a towel rack designed to make towels look good can contribute a lot to the bathroom.

Make Your Home A Cozy One Today!

We hope you liked and will follow the tips mentioned in this article. Make sure to visit our store to check out an exciting range of home textile that will help you make your home warm and cozy.