How to organize a storage room and keep it tidy

Posted on December 18th, 2021 07:45 PM
How to organize a storage room and keep it tidy

Organizing a storage room correctly and keeping it tidy over time is not an easy task. Many times we are lazy to start this work, but it is usually because we have done it wrong from the beginning. We tend to leave things in our storage room that we do not use or that do not fit at home, and this is a bad idea. That is why today we are going to review some ideas to organize the storage room so that we can finally find what we are looking for in it.

How to order a storage room?

Take a look at what you have in it

To begin with, we must bear in mind that the volume of things we keep is important, the first thing we should ask ourselves is what we are going to keep . We must think about the real utility of the objects that we keep in this cabin, because many times they are unnecessary. If you have something that you have not used in the last year or even more, surely you should consider donating it or giving it a second life by selling or recycling it.

On the other hand, it would be practical to store what we use but we cannot put it at home due to its size . In fact, this is so frequent that many people have to choose to rent storage rooms in large cities where it is not usual for them to be incorporated into homes, but they are small. This would be the case, for example, of bicycles and sports equipment in general or cleaning and kitchen utensils of large volume.

Organize a storage room with shelves and boxes

One of the best tricks to order a storage room is to use the right storage . Once we have decided what we keep and what we don't, we know the approximate space we will need and the size of what we should keep. A good idea is to separate our belongings by types and classify them before storing them.

Once this is done, we can place it in boxes, but it should not be done in any way. A good solution to keep the storage room in order and to know where everything is, is to use airtight transparent boxes, labels, or better yet, both options . If they are also stackable, you will save space. And it is that we not only leave the bulky things that we use from time to time in the storage room, but also those that we use little or once a year, such as Christmas decorations or other festivities. So you won't waste time trying to find them every twelve months.

Transparent boxes to organize a storage room

The shelves are also a basic when it comes to ordering a storage room well. If you are going to put them up to the ceiling, remember to place what you use most at the bottom , to avoid the difficulty of reaching all the way to the top. You also have to think about what material to use, since if there is humidity, for example, wood would not be a good idea. The most common is stainless steel , which is better suited to the elements. Apart from the open shelves, many times we will need fabric closets to use them in the change of season and to store the coats, for example.

How to organize a storage room?

Decorating a storage room is also possible

But we are not only going to think about how to organize a small or dark storage room in its most practical part, we can also turn it into a pleasant place . It is clear that it is not a place to invest in excessively aesthetic decoration or furniture, but that is not the only way to achieve it.

  • Use good lighting , since, apart from facilitating the vision to find anything, it will make the place more welcoming.
  • If the storage systems (shelves, boxes, etc.) that you use are the same or similar , a sense of order and symmetry will be created that always pleases the eye.
  • Keep it tidy and leave enough space to pass so you don't have problems when it comes to picking up something or going to the end of the room; This will also combat the feeling of crowding.
  • You can add any detail that you like, such as a rug or a wall panel with your favorite DIY tools; so this space, like your home, will also talk about you and your tastes.
Ideas to organize a small storage room

Tool panels