Ideas for a children's play area at home

Posted on May 22nd, 2021 02:49 PM
Ideas for a children's play area at home

A play area in a house with children is almost essential. Little ones need a place to have fun, relax and let their imagination run wild. In recent months this space to play has been more necessary than ever, since we have had to be at home more than we would have liked. That is why today we are going to see some ideas that will help us prepare the coolest children's play area at home that we can, but without forgetting practicality.

Ideas for a children's play area

That there is no lack of space

We do not always have all the space that we would like for our decoration projects, so we must monitor their size. Although we do not have a large area for the play area, it must be large enough so that children can be comfortable in it. It will depend on that available space what we plan to do in it, taking into account that it fits us. It is important to respect the sleeping area, with bunk beds or single beds , but the rest of the room can be rearranged to create that corner specially designed for leisure.

Ideas for a children's play area

Bunk beds in children's bedroom

Always in order

Whatever we want to add to the playground, we must leave a space for storage . This is essential if we do not want toys and junk to be always thrown away in any way ..., and I understand we do not want that. We can take the opportunity to create a fun collection routine with the children after playtime, thus helping them to have good habits as well.

Storage for one of children's games

Order in the children's bedroom

That can be read

Making reading a game is possible by adding a reading corner to this area specially designed for children. A few books appropriate to their age and a comfortable and original seat will be enough to give them a push to read for fun.

Children's reading corner

Also for writing and drawing

A desk area is not too much in a children's room, as it can be used both for homework and for coloring and drawing at leisure. If they link their chores to something they like, it may be easier to get them to finish their daily tasks.

Desk in children's bedroom

Make it full color

Create a fun and colorful play area, remember that it is for children, so it should attract their attention while transmitting comfort. Take the opportunity to decorate it in the original way with which you do not dare in the rest of the house.

Playground for children at home

And that the original details are not missing

How many times have children at home had to clean the walls because their creative vein has spread to them… You don't need to worry about this if you add a blackboard to their corner or paint a part of the wall with chalkboard paint . It is a solution as practical as it is decorative, so there are two advantages in one.

Ideas for a children's play area

What idea do you like the most for a home play area for children?