Keep the house clean with the Konmari method

Posted on June 27th, 2020 09:07 AM
Keep the house clean with the Konmari method

Considered a guru of home organization, Japanese Marie Kondo, in "The Magic of Order" , explains the way in which it is necessary to get rid of things that do not make you happy as a key to order.


According to the author, the secret of the organization lies in the decision to throw away things that you don't need or make you happy. For this reason, in the book "The magic of order", he recommends  starting with the easiest  and organizing by categories. Never by place. For example, when it comes to throwing or organizing clothes, you have to empty all the drawers or places where you keep your clothes. This way you will decide if you throw it or keep it.

Steps to organize your house

According to the Konmari method,  clothing represents the first step in  ordering the house . Later, books, papers and various objects will follow. Until finally reaching sentimental objects such as photographs or memories.

The second step is to personally choose the objects.  It is recommended to use your hands so that, when you touch them one by one, you know if you want them or not. You will be able to think if that garment makes you happy or decide if you discard it and thank the good times you lived with it.

Third, it piles up the clothes that you no longer wear on a bed and by categories: blouses with blouses, skirts with skirts, pants with pants ... Also, first screen the clothes from another season and then classify the ones from the current season. To finish, order the accessories.

When and where to start

Thinking about the ideal procedure, Konmari suggests starting early in the day , as that is when the mind is the clearest. You also have to choose a quiet place, without distractions or only with background music. Select your clothes so that nobody influences your decisions.

Another important point of the ideal Konmari method to order your clothes is to arrange it vertically , since you will optimize the spaces without mistreating it.

Use simple storage methods such as drawers or shoe boxes without labeling, to avoid noise in your  closet .

And sentimental objects

Since you have gained experience with your clothes, you can proceed in the same way with your valuables . Gather the photos, the memories and the letters among others, and keep only those that are moving for you. In this way, you will not stay anchored to the past. On the contrary, they will help you clean the space in which you operate and grow day by day.

According to Marie Kondo, once you have found a way to organize and channel your objects in each of the corresponding spaces, you will have only the right amount of objects for you. You will achieve happiness and self-discovery and you will find more meaning in your life.