Modern style in interior design

Posted on February 20th, 2021 12:50 PM
Modern style in interior design

The modern style arises from a movement in which architecture and interior design begin to apply revolutionary construction techniques and innovative materials, due to the Industrial Revolution of the 20th century. Thanks to him we enjoy great designers, schools and some of the most iconic pieces in interior design .

This current is sometimes confused with contemporary and mid-century styles ; but, although they do share characteristics, they have their differences. Among others, the first is in continuous change and the second is after the time of the first modernism.

Modern style to decorate your home

How do I decorate my house with a modern style?

You may want to give your decor a twist or add a bit of simplicity and elegance . If you are thinking of reforming your home and you think that today's topic may be what you are looking for, don't miss the fundamentals of modern style in interior design that we review below and leave no doubts.

Modern style home


With modernism, the importance of functionality reaches the interior of our houses , so if some element does not have a specific purpose, it should not be there. The lines are mostly straight and clean. The decoration is therefore simple, practical and sober.

Iconic pieces of modernism

Innovative materials

Natural materials such as wood and leather are the kings of modern style. Other more innovative ones such as steel, cement or glass are also introduced for the architecture of houses. Even plastic , in order to achieve some pieces that were affordable for everyone, such as the classic Eames chair.

Open kitchen with polished concrete and wood

Neutral palette

The most used colors are neutral and natural , such as white, brown or beige. Although you can also add pieces with bright primary tones such as red, blue or yellow, thus making them the focus of attention.

Modern style in decoration

Light and spaciousness

The open space with large windows imposed, often even reach these windows from floor to ceiling. You want to let natural light pass through at all costs and you gain more luminosity with bare walls, light tones and reflective materials such as glass or chrome.

How to decorate with modern style