New Year Goals For Your Home Decor

Posted on January 21st, 2019 02:59 PM
New Year Goals For Your Home Decor

We have a new year and we all have a certain feeling of being in the middle of a new opportunity. Therefore, among the most common purposes are those that aim at renewal, both personal and at home. Going to the gym, quitting smoking or losing those extra pounds are the goals that we most often set, but just as we want to change our external appearance we also want to change the one of the house in which we live.

Normally, a reform or a radical change is not necessary but with small improvements we can make our house better , have a different appearance and have that change in appearance that makes us perceive it in a different way and, surely, with a higher dose of positive emotions.

Therefore, we are going to give you some tips to fulfill the New Year's goals that have to do with your home and that way you get that feeling of positive change that you are looking for to begin this year 2019 that we all hope will bring many good things to our lives

Renovate the living room

The living room is the room where more time is usually spent and one of the meeting points for the whole family together with the kitchen . In the living room we watch television, enjoy board games or family conversations.

In many homes, it is also the place where children play for more hours a day, so you have to be prepared for everything . Renewing it can be as simple and economical as buying a cover to protect the sofa from so much use and changing the curtains for modern blinds with a matching color. Both elements, in addition, will help you to make the living room always look clean and beautiful.

You just have to choose a color that matches the walls and other elements of the room but offers a contrast with what you currently have so that the feeling of renewal and change is much greater. This year they take a lot of mustard colors, garnets or dark greens that usually combine very well with the rest of typical tones of a living room and that will give a very modern and modern look to that room.

Get a more cozy bedroom

Once you have changed the look of your living room, the bedroom may be the second goal to achieve. Changing the image of your room can be very easy. Many times, when we buy a quilt or a duvet cover, we use the matching cushions that accompany it to decorate in bed. But why not buy more cushion covers in different sizes , along with their corresponding fillings, to give the bed a warmer look?

Find covers that have a common tone to achieve a uniform appearance and also choose a blanket of hair in the same tone to place at the foot of the bed . You will see how the look of it changes and looks more modern, more sophisticated and that invites much more to lie down and enjoy the softness of the cushions and the blanket.

Take advantage also to renew your duvet cover or your quilt and buy one of the seasonal models that we offer you in our catalog, we recommend our  block printed bedspreads from the new collection, that have just arrived on our store and that we love so much for its current and elegant designs as for its great quality.

In sheets,  we have just  presented a new collection and in the new features tab of our store you will find her colorful models with a bold and youthful touch.

A baby room?

And if we talk about changes, we can not miss that radical change in the life of a person: children. Could 2019 be the time to start or increase your family? If this is your project, you can start creating your baby's room.

In our catalog you will find all the home clothes you need to get a perfect room for that new member of the family. From the sheets for the crib to the baby quilts and towels .

All very soft and quality so that your baby has the best.

Also choose the blinds for your window and create a warm and pleasant environment in which the child can grow safely.

Do not forget to buy everything you will need to have it in your closet: lullabies , walking bags or anti-roll cushions so that they are safe while they sleep or the breastfeeding cushions to be able to feed them comfortably if they resort to breastfeeding as if you opt for formula milk.