New year new bedding, renew your closets

Posted on January 18th, 2020 11:55 AM
New year new bedding, renew your closets

Many people take advantage of the new year to do general cleaning in their homes , it is a tradition that is based on the old beliefs of renewal and beginning of a cycle. Everything that is worthless or that brings bad memories is thrown away, replacing it with new things that allow us to restart in a certain way .

Therefore, January is the perfect month to review cabinets and see what bedding you can remove, because it is old or because it is very old fashioned. Once we see what is left, you can make the shopping list to begin the process of renovating cabinets.

As they say, the best way to start is by emptying the bed linen closet , cleaning it and then examining each piece and carefully assessing whether it should return to its place or if, on the contrary, we leave it in the bag of donations or, directly, in the garbage.

We have to look towards spring

It may seem that spring and summer heat are still far away, but they are not so much, and in a few months, you will need the lightest bedding . Do you have enough things in your closet to overcome spring and later summer? Surely there are textile pieces that you could not renew . How about buying a beautiful quilt taking advantage of the new year renovation?

Some set of cotton sheets , cooler, will be perfect for your home , so the heat will not catch you by surprise, but with the comfortable well-stocked bedding ready to be released and enjoy it when the good weather arrives.

One of the trends for spring will be pastel tones, so we recommend that you buy pastel bedding . In any case, these tones are always a trend for the bedroom.

But without forgetting that it is still winter

Certainly, although the good weather is near, winter still remains and you have to wonder if you have enough warm clothes for it . Do children have warm and fluffy quilts ? Do you need a slightly thicker quilt or a somewhat thinner one.

With the new year it is time to count and buy everything that is needed to end the winter with enough bedding, without going cold and looking the best for the bedroom. You can even buy a couple of games to save for next winter if you see that some of the ones you have now can go through this year, but they won't stand any more winters. We recommend our one hundred percent cotton sheets, which have an inimitable softness and that always keep the bed at the best temperature.

For the coldest, the dohars can be an excellent purchase, avoiding that feeling that when you get into bed it is completely freezing, but that you will feel warm and very soft.

Outside children's bedding, hello youthful bedding

Perhaps, this Christmas you have realized that who you considered your baby has ceased to be. He has not believed in fairy tales for a while and, instead, he has begun to ask if next year he will be able to go out to celebrate New Year's Eve with friends. But if you look at his room it is still the same as a few years ago.

It is difficult to accept it but the baby is already a teenager and it is time to have a room that corresponds to this change . And you will have to renew all your bedding, including quilts and duvet covers.

Put aside children's sheets and choose bright and colorful models , but start avoiding the drawings of your animation characters, you may not like them so much now. You can put aside your children's quilt and buy a comforter comforter , which will help you sleep at the best temperature and, at the same time, it will be a good thing to lie on the bed to listen to music and chat with your phone.

Do not forget to also change other elements of the children's room , such as curtains and carpets . If the room has its own bathroom, the towels should become neutral, in current and cheerful colors but without the typical elements of children's bath towels.

Wash all the clothes that are still new, store them in protective bags and, don't lose hope, who knows? Maybe they will be excited again for a long time, but to use them with their own children.