Some valuable keys of Feng Shui in decoration

Posted on November 23rd, 2019 10:06 AM
Some valuable keys of Feng Shui in decoration

The meaning of Feng Shui is "wind and water", and its mission is to balance the elements that make up the decoration of a space to create houses in harmony, where vital energy circulates correctly and does not escape or transform.

The Feng Shui is an ancient art that is applied in decoration and basically constitutes a spiral in constant rotation. Each of the turns of this spiral arises from the previous one. The first round of the Feng Shui spiral in decoration would be "to organize your outer world to develop your inner world ", the second would be "to organize your outer space to enhance your inner world" ... and so on.

The premise of the art of Feng Shui is that all places influence our lives. It is a wonderful philosophy that deals with the relationships between the visible and invisible forces of our world . In Feng Shui , the hall, for example, is associated with the fire element and is the perfect place to express and display art.

The light and ventilation of Feng Shui in decoration

Ventilate the house.

We start with the basics. The light in Feng Shui has a preferential place. This art requires that the rooms receive a lighting, preferably exterior, perfect . In Feng Shui we do not find any furniture or decorative element that hinders the entry of light. No objects are positioned in front of the windows and avoid leaving corners without lighting.

The good ventilation of a house is as important or more than the light in Feng Shui . Keeping the rooms aired regularly prevents accumulated energies from stalling in them . It should be ventilated often. Pay special attention to opening windows while cleaning and after a shower or hot water bath.

The bathrooms

Bright bathrooms

There is a very old popular belief within Feng Shui  that says that bathrooms are the focus of economic problems in a home. This art considers that the pipes are one of the channels that drain the vital energy , and with it, the resources also go away.

It is very important in Feng Shui to keep the drains covered while they are not being used. The toilet lid must always be closed, as well as the entrance door. This approach holds that all drains can quickly remove Chi from the house if you are not careful with this.

The predominant element in the bathrooms is water, and it must be balanced with the fire element and the earth element . For this, we can include in the bathroom decoration toilet supplies made of clay or wood; also scented candles and plants.

The Feng Shui in decoration stairs

stairs with creative designs

The stairs are one of the most complicated points of a house in terms of energy. The Feng Shui considers as "cascades" to lead the life energy too quickly from one floor to the other .

Especially complex are the stairs that lead to an exit door. They originate circuits through which the vital energy escapes from the house . It is necessary to compensate them. The longer and steeper they are, the more care will be taken.

A widely used strategy in Feng Shui is to place a large mirror in front of the stairs . The mirror reflection "hunts" symbolically the energy that escapes and projects it back to the upper floor.

If at the top of the staircase has a bathroom, the power circuit can be reset by placing beside the door of the toilet, as Front possible the ladder, some furniture low, beige or neutral and placed above he some composition of bromeliad type plants .

Water element

Fountain in the garden.

A house organized under the guidelines of Feng Shui must have the water element. Ideally, install a decorative fountain, where water flows . If this is not possible, it can be replaced by a picture with images of water, marine or any element that symbolizes it. Crystal decorative elements also symbolize water.

Bed location

Cozy bedroom.

The basic rule of Feng Shui for the location of the bed is that from it you can see it enters the room, but avoiding that the door is just in front . If it were, just place some element between the door and the bed. We serve some foot of bed, a trunk or other furniture that makes the times.

The Feng Shui does not like too many mirrors in the bedroom. The mirrors activate the energies of the bedroom and interfere with sleep , causing agitation and insomnia. The bigger and closer to the bed, the more it will affect the quality of sleep.

As for orientation, there is a widespread idea that it should be oriented to the north, but this is not really so. In Feng Shui , different orientations of the bed also have different benefits .

Sleeping with the head facing north reinforces health and vitality . If you sleep with your head facing south, it promotes intuition , stimulates dreams and memory. The orientation towards the west decreases the vital rhythms with what is beneficial in stressful situations. On the contrary, an orientation towards the east has a tendency to accelerate life, which is very beneficial to overcome laziness.