The art of dressing a bed

Posted on September 11th, 2019 11:41 AM
The art of dressing a bed

We are not aware of the real time we spend in bed throughout the year, but it is around 3,000 hours. It is for this reason that it does not hurt to put all our senses into making this place a special place . It is one of our sources of rest and the one that most promotes sleep quality. Dressing a bed is part of this process.

Actually, dressing a bed is an art that we can easily observe in any luxury hotel and in its magnificent beds. Part of her magic is in the bedding and in the most practical secrets to dress her . Today we learn to dress a bed with luxury and sophistication to enjoy it at home and sleep better .

Elements for dressing a bed

Types of bedding.

The bed is an element in which it is worth investing and, in addition, to do it in each of its layers: the mattress , the bed base, the protectors, the pillows and comforters. But for a luxury experience it is necessary to focus on the bedding . Each of its elements, its quality and the way of placing them are what make the difference widely.

A good linens in thread, pillowcases of good qualities, reinforcement cushions in different sizes and a good duvet or duvet cover and extra covers are the pieces that we will need to start dressing a bed .

Pillow and cushion covers

Head board of the bed.

There are different types of pillowcases or bed cushions. A standard pillowcase measures 50 x 75 cm , in which the pillow fills the entire cover. Often the preferred design for sleeping.

The Oxford pillowcase is one that has a tab around the pillow . The one in the European square is about 65 x 65 cm and is usually placed under the main pillow.

The Boudoir pillowcase is 30 x 45 cm and is usually also used as a decorative element when combined with the rest of the bedding.

Accent cushions are placed on top of the main pillow . They are cushions of different sizes that dress with the quilt or matching tones, as decorative elements. These provide layers and color to the final result.


make your bedding

We will start with the fitted sheet, specially designed to fit at the corners of the mattress , on the cover of the mattress . Its corners are elastic and we can find them in a simple version or with extra depth. The latter are ideal for beds that use an over-mattress.

The simple or flat sheet is the one that goes immediately after the adjustable one and is between it and the comforter. We must ensure that its size allows us to wrap the lower part of the bed in such a way that the weight of the mattress prevents them from moving. To wrap the mattress a perfect fold is made in the lower corners and gets under the mattress.

The comforter and cover

Decorate a bed

Once the high or flat sheet is perfectly adjusted to the mattress and wrapping it, the comforter is placed that has the double function of protecting the sheets that come in contact with the body from dirt and providing heat to a greater or lesser extent, Depending on the time of the year.

The quilt substitute during the summer or the hottest times is the quilt . In the market you will find an infinite variety of them. It is appropriate that the accent cushions or pillows are consistent with the quilt to make to stay feeling of balance and harmony.

The cover is the final element that is placed when dressing a bed . It is positioned by covering only the lower part of the bed, so that the comforter underneath can be seen. This brings a final layer to our bed dressed in luxury, and without it the bed is poor. In addition, it provides extra heat and can be used to read or watch warm television without opening the bed completely.

Styles when dressing a bed

2018 trends in bedding.

The aesthetics that we want to provide with the bedding must be consistent with the decorative style of the rest of the room, so that it is seen as part of the set. Many people enjoy the simplicity of white, smooth and fresh bedding when it comes to taking a good rest .

Ornamental elements in this type of bedding are introduced in subtle ways through embroidery or sewing techniques. They are the most timeless beds and always call for a good rest . The contrast and texture are added through accent pillows and cushions, comforters and blankets in neutral tones.

If what we want is to achieve a more dramatic aesthetic, we will use the geometric, floral patterns and the color in the bedding itself. The ideal formula is to start the layers with pieces of a crisp white and add the floral or geometric patterns and the color in the upper layers of the bedding.