The best materials to reform your dining room

Posted on October 9th, 2022 08:59 PM
The best materials to reform your dining room

The arrival of a new season is a good time to renew the decoration of the house and adapt it to new routines and the changing climate. Our home helps us to be more comfortable after the tasks and obligations of everyday life, so it is something important to keep in mind. One of the ways to improve the comfort of our home is to reform the dining room , so we are going to see some materials that will help us a lot to achieve it.

Materials with which you can reform the dining room


We could not start with any other than with the great traditional star of home materials, wood. It has always been used, but in recent years it has become even more important thanks to current trends that highlight natural materials over others, thus helping to achieve a more sustainable decoration that connects with nature . Whether for the floor, the coverings or the furniture, wood is a safe bet when it comes to renovating the dining room, which also has infinite options for all tastes.

Materials to reform your dining room


Ceramic and porcelain floors are another great option to consider before a reform and they offer us both aesthetics and functionality . They can look anything from tile to imitation wood, offering an option for every style. Its practicality is based on its hardness and ease of cleaning, two highly valued characteristics for a dining area.

ceramic floor

Polished concrete

A very popular material lately is this cement with a clean and smooth finish . It is a focus of attention that does not go unnoticed and can be highlighted even more if we combine it with a neutral background that contrasts with its gray color. It is perfect for industrial and minimalist styles and provides a neat feeling that is ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and dining rooms.

polished concrete in the kitchen


To add a glamorous touch when renovating your dining room, nothing better than a few metallic brushstrokes. Gold , bronze or dark finishes add elegance and a bit of daring. They combine very well with modern and chic wallpapers and styles also with other materials such as velvet fabrics or glass.

Ideas to reform your dining room


We must also think about the materials we choose for the furniture in our dining room and a trendy and classic option is rattan . Both for chairs and sideboards as well as for lamps and accessories, this natural material achieves bright and traditional spaces, but with a modern and oriental touch. We can see it in styles such as Japandi or warm minimalism that are the order of the day and at the same time remind us of other times past; a perfect balance between modernity and tradition.

Materials to reform the dining room

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