The Magnificent Sarong - not just a practical piece of clothing!

Posted on August 26th, 2018 05:00 PM
The Magnificent Sarong - not just a practical piece of clothing!

The sarong is a comfortable and functional cloth which can be worn for any occasion. The airy wrap is very comfortable to wear, especially in countries that have a hot and humid climate. The sarong cloth from Roopantaran offers many advantages and can be worn for example very simply in very different variants.

This versatile cloth can even be used as a wall decoration or tablecloth. But above all as a skirt makes the open sarong, in which the ends are not sewn together, in combination with a bikini top as a great figure.

You can tie, knot or wrap a sarong. Simply wrapped around the waist ,contracted with a double knot or the top edge turned outward and then pinned sits the sarong perfectly. A sarong buckle allows numerous other wearing options.

Different materials and many colors

The sarongs from Roopantaran inspire with a joy of color and a great variety of materials and patterns. The ladies have the choice of colorful sarongs, according to individual taste in bright colors, such as orange, pink red, yellow, etc., there is something for every taste. Many unisex sarongs, which are equally suitable for men and women, have a tartan pattern, so they are printed with plaids. The all-purpose cloth from Roopantaran is made of soft cotton or can be made of satin or silk. The sarongs can be printed or embroidered depending on the design. 

The fabric of a high-quality sarong is opaque or transparent depending on the model.

Silk sarongs are perfect for festive occasions. The chic cloths are printed by screen printing or by hand in the form of block printing.

Wrapping techniques for sarongs

Tie sarong as a skirt

Fold the cloth twice in the middle so that the fringes are on top of each other. Alternatively, fold until you reach the desired length. The narrower the folded cloth, the shorter the skirt becomes. Now put the cloth on the hip with the folded side up and wrap it around the body. When doing so, pull the top of the scarf upwards, so that a corner is created after wrapping. Now you can tie this corner together with the other end of the cloth.

When using a sarong buckle, pull both ends through one hole at a time, then knot.

Tie sarong as top

Fold sarong several times until the desired top length is reached. Put the two ends of one side behind the neck and knot there. Put the other two ends around your waist and knot it, too.

Sarong as a simple beach dress 


Also suitable for a chic beach dress is the sarong. To do this, place the cloth around the body from the back and guide the ends forward. Then you cross them in front of the body and twirl the two ends carefully. The ends are now leading around the neck from the front and then knotted at the nape of the neck.

Sarong with buckle

To do so, place the cloth behind the body like the skirt and bring the ends together at the front. Now pull the two ends in front of the chest through the sarong buckle so that the sarong buckle lies flat in the middle of the chest. Now take the right and the left end of the cloth, pull it outwards and over the chest back to the back. Then just knot the ends at the back and pluck the cloth over the chest. Instead of a sarong buckle also own a bracelet , Creoles or similar accessories.

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