The sofa that combines in your living room according to your style

Posted on August 21st, 2021 11:25 AM
The sofa that combines in your living room according to your style

Each living room has its own style and one of the pieces that gives it the most character is the sofa. Many times it acts as a central element and it is no wonder, both because of its size and its importance. Apart from offering us the comfort and capacity that we need in our house, it must also combine with the rest of the decoration and adapt to the style that it follows. As it is a relevant and sometimes complicated decision, we are going to review the types of sofa that best complement some decorative styles.

Comfortable sofas for your living room

Find the sofa style that best fits your living room

Spacious living room? Take advantage of it with Nordic and Japandi styles

One of the main features that characterize the Nordic and the japandi is its ability to adapt to any home and pocket thanks to its minimalism. The best conditions under which to use these styles of decoration consist of slightly overloaded rooms with light colors that enhance the entry of light. In order to take advantage of this space, the use of 2 or 3 seater chaise longue or corner sofas is recommended.

When choosing the model that best suits these styles, you must ensure that it is made up of light colors and has straight cuts .

Nordic style sofa

Farmhouse style for a modern rustic touch

Based on the use of a color palette similar to the Nordic one, as well as the use of wood and recovered pieces , the farmhouse style is enhanced by the use of furniture focused on practicality. The sofas that should be used in this type of living room should invite comfort and relaxation rather than thinking about luxury. The classic and wide sofas, covered with fabric in white or beige tones are the ones that will best suit this style inspired by old American farms.

Classic sofa

An elegant atmosphere in your living room with a modern style decoration

The modern decoration style has some fundamental guidelines among which we find the use of neutral colors, decorative elements such as works of art, simplicity and visual lightness . It is a fairly easy style to combine if we choose simple and elegant pieces, such as leather sofas and mid-century ones .

Modern style living room

What if my living room and my house are too small?

In the event that you have the kitchen integrated into the living room, many times you will have to use medium-sized or two-seater sofas to make the most of the space. But if you distribute the furniture wisely, perhaps you can complement it with an armchair .

When the size of your living room is very small or is part of a study, you can use a sofa bed with a click-clack system . Practical and very comfortable, this system allows you to disassemble the furniture in question to take advantage of the space available in the room. With this you will be able to have it or not according to your needs at the moment.

Continuing with practicality, sofa beds are also the best option in the event that you do not have space for a guest room .

What type of sofa best suits your living room and your style?