The start of movie and quilt season

Posted on January 11th, 2020 10:46 AM
The start of movie and quilt season

With the cold, you feel much more like staying at home and enjoying family or couple activities . One of the most recommended for rainy afternoons and winter frosts is; Watch a movie on the couch, with a warm quilt or rug to increase the feeling of comfort that the home provides. If combined with some popcorn, the afternoon will be spectacular!

If the video club was used before for this kind of movie afternoon, now everything is easier and with streaming platforms you can choose a movie without leaving home. Times have changed and make things much easier for us.

But there are some details that never change, so we know that the film session will be more perfect if you combine it with a quilt . Yes, now the way of buying that quilt has also been modified and it can be done online to have it comfortably at home, but the pleasure of putting it on top when you are on the couch, that has not changed at all.

How do you like to tuck yourself on the couch? Are you one of those people who just cover your legs, or are you one of those who cover you completely? Do you like to share a quilt or do you prefer to curl up on your rug and not take out your hands to change the channel?

Wherever you are, at Roopantaran , we have what you need for your homemade quilt and movie sessions. Check out our catalog and start imagining under the warm quilts and rugs we have for this new autumn / winter season.

You will find several trends, sizes and styles, perfect for the quilt or rug to combine with the rest of your decoration.

A warm rug for individual sessions

The rugs are essential in every home. They have all the advantages you can imagine because they are very versatile , you can use them both in the living room and in the bedroom, very attractive and elegant and also very warm. With so many points in your favor, you must have at least one rug in your living room, it is highly recommended!

The rugs are ideal for an individual film session, perfect for your moments of relaxation or for when you are catching up with your favorite series.

Although it also serves to watch a movie as a couple , and that each one has his quilt as he likes. You can also choose the largest rugs, perfect to tuck together , thus enjoying the home theater session in a more romantic way.

Quilts for film sessions in company

For family sessions or couples, when everything is shared, bed quilts are ideal . Choose a color that looks good with your sofa because the quilt is sure to spend more time on it than in its place of storage. And you will want to have it on hand many times.

By having them available in various sizes you can choose a smaller quilt if only two of you are going to watch the movie. Although you can use the rug to cover yourself well when it is cold, the quilt is perfect for the days when you are going to share a movie session with that special person. But if what you like, is that the quilt covers you completely, even if you lie next to each other, we advise you to choose a large size, which cover the entire sofa .

In addition, the large quilt is also the best option for when watching family cinema, great for everyone who sits on the same sofa can be covered. Surely, these memories watching movies all together under the quilt is one of the best memories.

Printed quilts for kids to watch cinema in their own way

The little ones in the house also enjoy family film sessions, but they are not able to hold on to the sofa throughout the movie. What they like most is to play while they enjoy what they see, get up in moments of excitement to cheer on their favorite characters and, in many cases, end up asleep deeply before seeing the end.

To enjoy the film in its own way, there is nothing better than a comfortable and warm patterned quilt . They will like it for its colors and drawing, you will be calm knowing that they are warm when playing on it.

The best thing is that when they fall asleep, you will only have to fold the quilt to cover them and let them enjoy the nap well protected from the cold, and even, you may have to take them wrapped up to their bed, so that nothing breaks that placid dream. Such a quilt will be a must for your winter film sessions with young children.