Tips and tricks to add color to the bathroom

Posted on February 18th, 2022 07:43 PM
Tips and tricks to add color to the bathroom

One thing is clear, more and more families want to add a touch of joy to their bathroom. Until recently, the bathroom was a space where the practical was rewarded over the decorative. But after the pandemic, things have changed. Now the decorative level is also important, hence many people who want to add color to the bathroom.

To help you in the facelift of your bathroom, we are going to show you a list of tricks and tips that will surely be very useful when adding color to the bathroom.

Ideas for a modern bathroom

1- Introduce colored furniture

Without a doubt,  one of the best renovations you can opt  for is colored bathroom furniture . 

The advantage of including colored furniture in the bathroom is that it will bring modernity to it, so you will feel much more comfortable at all times. What you should be clear about is the intensity of the color you are going to opt for. If you want a quiet bathroom, opt for light colors. If you want it to be more cheerful, then strong or intense colors will be the best alternative.

But colored bathroom furniture is increasingly in demand. If you want something different, leave aside the white furniture and opt for a colored one.

colored furniture for the bathroom

2- Learn to combine the tiles

The vast majority of bathrooms continue to bet mainly on tiles. To create a color environment, the best thing to do is to put aside the traditional white tiles and opt for ones that add color to the bathroom.

For example, it is now more fashionable than ever to paint the shower wall a rich color and then the rest a lighter color . Of course, you can opt for special paint for the bathroom or for tiles with an intense color accompanied by lighter tiles in the rest of the bathroom. If you opt for intense color tiles throughout the bathroom, you will feel overwhelmed and that does not matter.

Many decorators also opt for uniform walls, but divided into two heights. In each of these heights a different color is chosen and thus they achieve an elegant and modern bathroom at the same time. And if it seems a bit bland to you, there is always the option of adding a border in the middle part and breaking the scheme even more.

Tiles to give color to the bathroom

3- Colored toilets

Like colored furniture, we can also find colored toilets on the market. It is true that they are not in such great demand, but we have been able to verify that little by little they are gaining importance again.

Analyzing the market for colored toilets, we have realized that there are really original models . The important thing is to choose a color that combines correctly with the rest of the decoration. For example, the color black can be integrated very well, even if it seems incredible.

If you are happy with your toilets, but would like to change their color, you should know that there is a special enamel. Thanks to this enamel, you can give a touch of color to the toilets that are already installed and thus avoid spending so much money.

4- Bet on a colorful curtain

All the details are important and for this reason it can be a good option to add a colorful curtain to your bathroom . You can add this option as long as you do not have a glass partition. In that case, the only thing you can do is add a colored vinyl. That way you will get a happier and more fun bathroom.

Nowadays there are many curtains or bathroom vinyls to choose from. The important thing is to think about which option best fits what we need and thus enjoy a good experience.

Tips to color the bathroom

5- Glass panels gain importance

If you have a medium or large bathroom, you should know that the installation of a glass panel can be a good alternative. It looks great in the bathroom and will also add color to it.

One of the strengths of these panels is that they are really resistant to heat, humidity and, above all, shocks , hence they gradually gain importance in modern designs. To the aforementioned we must add that they are very easy to clean and can be purchased in different finishes and colors. No matter what design you want, you will surely be able to easily find what you are looking for.

Depending on your tastes and goals, you can place them in different areas of the bathroom. Many decorators choose to install these panels on the back wall of the shower.

6- Do not forget good lighting

To get the most out of the new colorful bathroom decoration, it is vital to bet on good lighting. If the bathroom is small, an LED ceiling light bulb may be enough. But if the size is medium or large, then you have to opt for a larger lighting.

The important thing is to get good lighting to avoid the dreaded shadows . For example, to achieve the correct brightness, many people choose to add spotlights above the mirror. This achieves greater elegance and also makes looking in the mirror easier. And remember, the LED light is more fashionable than ever, that's why it's also a very good option right now.

Ready to brighten up the house by adding a touch of color to the bathroom?