Tips For Decorating Apartments

Posted on April 17th, 2021 01:22 PM
Tips For Decorating Apartments

The decoration of small apartments can be challenging at times. To be able to do it well, the distribution must be good, because if it is not, it will be impossible to take advantage of them. Today we are going to see three small open-plan apartments and when I say 'small', I mean it. None are more than 40 square meters, so every corner has been used to make it more habitable.

There are people who prefer a place that is not very big to live, there are others who think that with this size they are not considered decent homes. Opinions aside, each one lives the best they can where it is possible. Since the circumstances of each one are not those of anyone else, if your chosen option, or required, is a small apartment , today we help you take advantage of the decoration.

Decoration tips in small apartments

Nordic style

The first mini-floor with which we were inspired is only 26m², although it seems impossible. We will look at the decorative style chosen in it. Many of the images that we see of this type of apartment follow a Scandinavian style . It may be because it is surely in that area where it is located, but it can also be for practicality.

This type of decoration is minimalist and its mantra "less is more" helps not to overload the spaces. Its neutral and light colors , with white as the protagonist, give the sensation of extending the room and bring it light.

Decorate small apartments
Modern small kitchen
Small floor decoration


In confined spaces like this small 36m² apartment you have to take advantage of all the light possible. Following the previous advice, the white of walls and furniture makes it reflect the light. But it is also achieved thanks to another important decorative Turkish: the placement of mirrors .

The glass doors of the wardrobe reflect the light from the window and make it multiply. In addition, it creates a sense of depth and visually achieves a room twice as large. For all this to get the most out of the natural light , in the windows, to the widest size that the structure allows, there are no curtains or blinds .

Open plan apartment
Small apartment decoration
Take advantage of small flat space

Differentiated spaces

As these mini open-plan apartments are to be used as much as possible, it is necessary to differentiate the areas in some way. And it has to be a way that does not take up space, so it can be complicated. A good way is with rugs that, apart from helping aesthetics and being comfortable and comfortable, delimit spaces without occupying them.

The same happens with the painting of the walls, helping to distinguish any area and in turn providing an original and striking touch to the home. Finally, you can also use physical dividers such as curtains, screens or open shelves , which make the border of the supposed room more obvious without overloading it.

Room dividers
Delimit the spaces in small apartments
Decorate small apartments