Tips To Create A Personal Library At Home

Posted on May 4th, 2021 06:22 PM
Tips To Create A Personal Library At Home

To celebrate that today is the day of the book, we are going to get fully into the world of reading by creating a library at home or, at least, looking at some ideas to do it one day. We had once talked about tips to create reading corners, but this time we will focus on where and how to place all those books that we have or may have throughout our lives, which we hope will be many.

Love in the times of order

A good organization for our home library is essential if we want to know where the book we are looking for is located. There are many ways to do it: by author, by genre, by period ... Aesthetically they can be ordered by colors or shapes, but it is only an option for lovers of disorder.

Decorate a library at home

Chronicle of an advertised seat

It is clear that to enjoy a good book more and better, a comfortable seat is more than recommended. It can be a bench under a window, an armchair or an armchair, but the important thing is that it is comfortable enough so that we can move into the literary world in which we are immersed without thinking about anything else.

Ideas to have a library at home

From the office and other demons

As many of us have had to incorporate a home office in recent months, we can take advantage of that space to place our personal library, or vice versa. It is especially recommended when many of our books are related to our work and we use them for consultation.

Bookcases in the office

Memory of my empty walls

Taking advantage of the space does not hurt, so if you have a bare wall that you want to dress, you can do it with your books. Do not cut yourself and use shelves from floor to ceiling, but remember to add some system to reach the highest places, such as a library ladder, which is also very useful and very decorative. You will turn the room into an elegant and practical place at the same time.

Ideas to have a library at home

One hundred years of decoration

Customize your library at home, do not get carried away to the dark side and opt for that white bookcase so widely seen, or if you do, customize the space in other ways. You will feel better and more relaxed in that corner if it has part of you.

Decorate an original home library