Tips to decorate a storage room and keep it in order

Posted on August 16th, 2022 08:52 AM
Tips to decorate a storage room and keep it in order

Storage rooms are very useful spaces that can be used a lot, especially when we have a small home. They are a great solution to the lack of storage space , which usually happens to the inhabitants of large cities due to the limited size of their homes. 

But these spaces have more utilities than that. They can also help us when we need a place to store our belongings for a limited time , such as when we are going to move or reform our house.

Another need that storage rooms cover is not so much to serve us to add space to our home on a day-to-day basis, but to store things that we do not use on a regular basis . We have all decided at some point not to throw away objects such as furniture, clothes or toys, even if we no longer use them. Perhaps we will do it to donate them to the next generation or for the reason that all fashion returns...

Be that as it may and serve us for what they serve us, it is clear that storage rooms are useful to us on many occasions, so they also deserve a little love from us. That is why we are going to review some tips to know how to decorate a storage room and keep it in order .

How to organize the storage room

How to decorate a storage room and keep it organized

Use containers that you like

Since we are surely going to use our storage room as a space to store things, we need containers to put them in so that they are not collecting dust and not being placed . While it is true that to store belongings such as bedding it is better to use airtight boxes or vacuum bags, for the rest we can be more creative. Baskets, jars and decorative boxes are very useful for storing small things and they can also give style to any corner if they are pretty and combine with each other . This advice is valid for any part of the house, including the storage room.

How to keep order

Label and classify

We continue talking about containers to store things, but now thinking about organization and practicality. Apart from us liking them and being decorative, it is a great idea to add a label with what they contain . This way of storing also helps us maintain order and classify our belongings according to some criteria (winter clothes, toys, Christmas decorations,...). In this way we will know where everything is stored without having to open each box and, in addition to keeping the storage room organized, we will also save time when looking for anything.

Organize boxes with labels

Personalize your shelves

If the storage room is not very large, as is usual, we must think carefully about how we distribute it. Before placing an organization system or a shelf or closet, it is a good idea to think about what type of belongings we are going to store . Maybe we only need shelves for bulky boxes, or maybe what we are looking for are hanging hooks , or a combination of both. But if we adjust to our specific needs , we will save space and achieve more order.

Ideas to decorate a storage room

Add your personal decorative touch

Of course, like everywhere in your house, if you want a place to be comfortable when you see it, you have to put it to your liking . The storage room does not have to be an exception to this advice, since it will be more pleasant and less tedious to go to get something in it if it is a place that pleases your eyes. Do not hesitate and give your storage room a facelift with a personal touch of decoration , so at least the time to collect the coats because the good weather is over will be somewhat less hard...