Tips to make your home more cozy

Posted on April 1st, 2019 10:25 AM
Tips to make your home more cozy

There are small details that make a house much more welcoming . For example, pictures can make a house look much more dressed and have more personality. The plants are also a very welcoming touch in any home.

The small details, without falling into excesses and overload, make a house different from another , especially now that the floors have all more or less the same structure and that the furniture that is purchased are quite similar as they continue the same tendencies.

Providing personality to the house is not always a simple task, but it is important to achieve it and that is why you have to invest time in it. But getting it to become a home and be cozy is basic, and that's why when choosing the decoration this should be the most important point to consider.

As we are mainly concerned with textiles, we are going to give some advice on how to use them to give a more cozy and more home-like appearance to any room, making returning home an even greater pleasure.

Blankets and plaids

It is true that the blankets in the bed are used less and less. They have given way to bedspreads, as well as quilts. All of them are very warm and much less heavy than blankets, so these have been practically banished.

However, the blankets have not disappeared from home. Its warmth makes any stay much more welcoming when you see a blanket in between and that's why they continue to be very successful both in the living room and in the room.

In the living room, the blankets are placed on the sofa , either stretched out and left to see when covering part of the sofa either folded but also partially decorating. This year the hair blankets have become especially fashionable, which further enhance the image of warmth and which are especially decorative.

In the bed, the blankets are worn on the feet , as a decoration. They look especially good when placed on a white bedspread, which are trend this season, or any other mono-color, but can also be used on patterned bedspreads.

Blankets with pastel colors are trend this season and give the room a much more welcoming feeling.

Matching towels

The towels have, of course, an undeniable practical function. But they also have a decorative function . Therefore, the hangers for towels should be placed strategically in the bathroom and, once the place has been chosen to put them, we should worry that the towels that occupy these places are beautiful and contribute to the decoration.

The matching towels are still the first choice in most homes, as they look great and give a greater appearance of order. Also, in a small bathroom it does not make sense to play with different colors, so using towels that are the same is the most appropriate.

It is not necessary that they have a stamp or a certain brand, they can be plain towels, but the important thing is that they are all of the same color so that there is uniformity in the whole, making the bathroom look much more welcoming.

If you also place an open shelf in which you can see the different sets of towels and also the loose towels for the hands, the appearance of the bathroom will be much more pleasant and will be very practical so that everyone who uses it always finds a towel appropriate by hand.

Decorated tablecloths

The rush and avoid ironing make that in many houses the tablecloths have disappeared from the kitchens and dining rooms, at least for day to day. Plasticized rubbers that are cleaned with a damp cloth are much more comfortable and should not be washed or ironed to make them look impeccable.

But the touch that a tablecloth gives to a table can not be replaced by this type of plastics that, in addition, do not usually have a great variety of designs. Today, we can find 
hand block printed cotton tablecloths
 that are also cleaned with great ease, but that have the look and feel of the cloth tablecloths that give the dining room that special touch.

They can also be used in the kitchen, for day to day, reserving for special days the linen tablecloths that are much more delicate. Of course, if you are looking for a cozy dining room or kitchen, the tablecloth can not be missing from the table. If you also use matching napkins, the result is even more homelike.