Tips to start renovating the kitchen

Posted on July 3rd, 2021 03:36 PM
Tips to start renovating the kitchen

When the reform of a kitchen is considered, aspects such as trying to make better use of the space , increase the storage capacity and facilitate all the tasks that are carried out in this room are usually taken into account . These factors are essential for the kitchen to be functional , especially at a time when, in general, the total size of the kitchen has been reduced in new constructions.

Given the importance that technology has acquired , it is also common to try to incorporate more advanced devices . This, however, does not exclude that the choice of quality furniture remains a fundamental aspect. And, of course, we also want to take care of the aesthetics to be comfortable and at ease in our new kitchen.

Tips to reform the kitchen

Tips to succeed in your kitchen reform

When planning the reform of a kitchen there are many variants to take into account, so the best option is to go to professional companies that work seriously so that they take good care of you, advise you and make a project adapted to your needs. Among the advantages provided by professionals like those of that company is the possibility of making a personalized 3D design already tailored. This tool is perfect for choosing the project that best suits the user's needs and preferences.

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First steps to reform the kitchen

Before starting to reform the kitchen, it is important to measure its dimensions well . With this data, professionals can begin to make proposals based on reality. In addition, you can follow other simple tips that will simplify the entire renovation process.

Determine the real needs

It is very important to be clear about the use that is going to be given to the kitchen. The equipment will not be the same, for example, if you are going to cook every day or only on weekends. You also have to take into account if you want to eat in it (if space allows it), if you prefer open to the living room and other similar factors.

Distribution of the zones

For the kitchen to be functional it is very important that it is well organized. This usually involves subdividing it into three areas: the work triangle, the washing area, and the storage area. With this trick you will make cooking and using the room in general much easier and more practical.

How to distribute the kitchen

Furniture quality

The kitchen is one of the spaces that suffers the most wear and tear and, if someone embarks on a reform, the intention is that it will last for many years. The best way to achieve this is to bet on resistant and quality furniture.

Importance of the countertop

The importance of the countertop is such that, just by changing it, the kitchen will have a different air. It is also the area that supports the most work, so it is also one of the areas that deteriorates the most over time. Today you can find many options, both in materials and shades. Some of the most common are natural stone, laminated or solid wood.

Design an ergonomic kitchen

It is very important that when placing the furniture, comfort is taken into account. For example, tall cabinets should be easily accessible and the worktop should be at a height that facilitates work.

Ideas to reform the kitchen

The choice of household appliances

Although the choice of furniture is usually essential when renovating a kitchen, the importance of knowing how to choose the electrical appliances well should not be overlooked . These, to fit well into the set, must combine functionality with a design that does not clash with the furniture.

One of the fundamental aspects is to choose appliances that adapt to the needs and lifestyle of the users. A couple does not need the same dishwasher as a family with children, for example.

The available space is another factor that must be taken into account. For small kitchens, the ideal solution are built-in appliances , that is, those that are designed to be integrated into the furniture . The saving in space is considerable and, in addition, the aesthetic effect can be very pleasant.

Another element to consider is the electrical consumption of each appliance. A good idea is to opt for the most efficient ones , since, although they are usually somewhat more expensive, the savings in the medium term will be considerable.

As we said before, it is always good to have the advice of a professional in the field. If the needs to be covered and the available space are clearly explained to you, your guidance will be very useful so as not to make mistakes and not overwhelm us when starting a reform.

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Are you thinking of reforming the kitchen by following these first steps?