Trends in interior design for 2023

Posted on January 14th, 2023 12:03 PM
Trends in interior design for 2023

The new year is already here and we don't want to miss anything that will come with it, so today we review what the 2023 trends in interior decoration will be according to experts. Some were already known to us, others are resurfacing and some others surprise us, but all of them will be chosen to decorate the most up-to-date houses over the next few months.

warm minimalism

Warm minimalism will once again be the star style in 2023 decoration trends. Inspired by styles such as Japandi and Scandinavian , it follows a minimalist line of neutral bases and a search for functionality , although it is less strict and admits a little more color and warmth .

Japandi style

rounded shapes

Curved shapes have been the favorites of interior designers for months. We will not only find them in furniture such as sofas and armchairs, but also in accessories and auxiliary furniture.

2023 decoration trends

Mix of colors

Warm and cold tones come together in interior decoration in 2023 to offer us impressive and original results. The trending colors are earth tones such as terracotta , beige and sand, but we can see them combined with dark tones to create contrast.

terracotta decoration

sustainable furniture

The most ecological decoration is still in vogue this year and pieces made of natural and sustainable materials such as wood or vegetable fibers will continue to be used.

Interior decoration 2023


Plain textiles will be combined with other patterns to create outfits with texture and character. Geometric and floral motifs will take center stage in cushions, rugs and curtains.

Decoration trends 2023

handmade pieces

Handmade furniture and accessories also continue to be a trend in decoration in 2023. With them, unique pieces are committed and value is given to the creators and to the different cultures and styles they represent.

warm minimalism

Walls with wallpaper and terrazzo floor

This year we will bet less on painting and more on wallpaper to cover the walls of the house. As for the floors, the terrazzo is rescued, just like it happened a few years ago.

2023 trends in decoration

Art Deco style

The most striking touch comes from the Art Deco inspiration, although it will only be in details of bright colors such as gold, or used for black and white contrasts .

Art Deco trend 2023

Dark wood

Although wood is still trending in all its aspects, as we mentioned in sustainable materials, what returns this year 2023 is wood in dark tones. This is due to a revival of the style of the 70s , where dark brown furniture was very present.

Decor with dark wood

Natural stones

Another of the materials that we will see the most as a 2023 trend in interior decoration is natural stone in many of its forms. Marble, granite, slate or limestone will be very present when covering any room in the house.

2023 trends in decoration