Tricks to decorate with boho chic style

Posted on March 13th, 2021 01:31 PM
Tricks to decorate with boho chic style

Above all, naturalness.

Nature must be present in a bohemian environment, because it is part of its philosophy. You can include it in the interior of the house thanks to the colors that remind us of it, such as earth tones and green .

To add them, use another must of this style such as rugs and cushions in earthy tones and natural fibers . The greens will come from the hand of another boho must: plants . These are nature in themselves and all sizes are welcome.

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Mixed but not crowded.

The basis of the bohemian is eclecticism , so it is law to mix styles to decorate with it. In boho chic it is also mixed, but with a little more restraint, always without crowding the environment. Leave a neutral base in the room so that later you can play freely with textures, colors and ethnic patterns.

Bohemian style in decoration

Forget the rules.

As we have said many times before, you have to be comfortable with the decoration of your own home. One of the best bases of the boho chic style is that you can forget about the decorative rules practically in their entirety and decorate with what really makes you feel good .

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Boho style details

Add personal pieces.

To achieve this style you can use pieces of all kinds and all origins. It is perfect for adding flea market objects, decoration made by yourself , memories of your travels, restored furniture and special, eye-catching and bohemian objects such as an indoor swing .

Boho chic style dining room
Decoration with boho chic style

Bringing the chic .

To differentiate the boho chic style from the pure bohemian, a more sophisticated touch is added to the rooms. Less furniture, less bright colors and more elegant pieces like a gold pendant lamp , a marble table or a velvet cushion . This way, the decoration will be more glamorous and will remain in a relaxed and cozy atmosphere.

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