Tricks to rest better before returning to the routine

Posted on September 18th, 2019 09:20 AM
Tricks to rest better before returning to the routine

Many people have trouble sleeping in the summer, just when they have vacations and more time to rest. The most frequent problems come because the equipment for the bed has not been chosen well which prevents you from sleeping soundly. Therefore, we are going to offer you some tricks to make your holiday break as comforting as possible .

Discover which is your ideal pillow

Maybe at home you have not stopped to think about the type of pillow you use. You like it, you are comfortable but you have not considered whether it is more or less tall or what filling it has. When you go to a summer home you find that you have to buy a pillow for your bed and you don't know which one to decide on.

You should choose your pillow based on the position in which you usually sleep , very low if you sleep on your stomach and higher if you sleep on your side. You also need to choose the padding as you like the toughest and strongest or softest pillows.

Currently, viscoelastic pillows are very fashionable because they adapt very well to the shape of the head and, although they give a little to the weight to adapt, they do not sink.

The latex ones are ideal for those who want a hard pillow .

The fiber pillows are the best sellers. They support the head, are soft and can have different heights and shapes. But choose which one you choose, do not forget that in a double bed the ideal is that each person has their own pillow that suits their requirements to be able to sleep at ease.

Let yourself be caressed by the softness of the cotton one hundred percent

One of the problems to sleep well at night in summer is the heat. In hot weather you sweat and, if the sheets are not adequate, it is easy for sweat to stay on the skin, cool down and cause an unpleasant sensation that prevents you from resting on your own.

One hundred percent cotton is the solution to this problem since the sheets made with this fabric are fresh and very breathable. Thus, sweat is absorbed by the sheet and does not stay in the body, keeping dry and in a pleasant environment.

Cotton is also very soft and respectful to the skin, something that is especially appreciated after all day at the beach or in the pool since we can end up reddened by the sun or with that sensation of heat and that characteristic sensitivity. By sleeping between sheets that are like a caress on the skin, you can rest without feeling friction or discomfort.

Even when you don't sunbathe, people who suffer from allergy or atopic skin problems get worse with the heat and the use of 100% cotton sheets makes them more comfortable to sleep and have a better rest on vacation or in The time back to work.

Extend the pleasure of the holidays with a light summer quilt

At the end of August the days are already a little shorter and the nights cooler. And as September progresses all these feelings are accentuated. But if you are going to be on vacation on these dates and want to continue enjoying the coolest but equally pleasant nights, you need a light summer quilt that will help you sleep peacefully.

With it, you will not be cold but you will not be hot because these bedspreads are very thin and are designed precisely for this season. Once you begin to cool more strongly, you can change the summer quilt for a bouti quilt or for a fine comforter.

With the summer bedspreads you will sleep very well although it refreshes and the temperature drop of a few degrees will not take away your sleep at night.

Have everything ready for when the cold comes and forget about stress

One of the ways to sleep soundly is to have nothing to do. When there are tasks that have not been carried out, we often think about them and are not able to rest properly. So that this does not happen to you because you have pending the purchases of household clothes for next winter, we invite you to go shopping and everything you will need for when the cold arrives. So, it won't catch you by surprise and you won't have to worry about it.

You will sleep soundly with all the duties done and knowing that when the temperatures fall, your family will have everything necessary for their beds to remain equally warm and pleasant.