What size carpet do I choose for the living room?

Posted on September 25th, 2021 01:09 PM
What size carpet do I choose for the living room?

Many times when we start to decorate or re-decorate the living room, one of the ideas that occurs to us to notice the new decoration is to change the sofa or the dining table . A priori it is a good idea, since this change will modify the entire room and give it a new look. But either of the two elements are so big and so important in the room that they are going to force us to modify many more things. For this reason, we are going to see another of the things that we can renew more easily and obtain a different room. We will focus today's tips on living room rugs  and what size to choose for them.

What size carpet to choose for the sofa? What carpet to buy?

As we mentioned before, the sofa is one of the largest areas of all the furniture in the living room, so we must pay special attention to it and be very cautious when choosing the accessories that surround it. If we choose the wrong size of the coffee table or that of the composition of pictures that we will place on it, we can completely spoil the room and leave us with a disproportionate design. Therefore, and focusing on the topic at hand today, what is the right size and type of rug for my sofa? The answer is simple: it depends on the sofa we have . So we are going to review some tricks to get the carpet size right depending on the type of sofa we have at home.

Ideal carpet size for two or three seater sofas

The first thing we have to take into account, both for this and for the rest of the options, is that the carpet should always cover the entire length of the sofa . For this reason, at a minimum, the sofa must be resting on the carpet or glued to it along its entire length.

How to choose the right carpet size for your sofa

Another situation that we can find in living rooms with a very large surface is that we have two facing sofas. In this case, we will respect the previous point for the two sofas and we will look for a carpet that covers the entire area between them.

Living room with found sofas

Rugs for sofas with chaise longue

As the years have passed, sofas with chaise lounges have been conquering homes and it is very common to see them in many living rooms. For these cases we are going to continue with the idea of ​​the previous point, taking into account that the chaise longue must always go on the carpet. Although it can go over it in whole or in part .

Chaise longe with carpet

Types of carpet for corner sofas

Although corner sofas could be considered as sofas with chaise lounges or as corner chaise lounges, I think it is worth differentiating them for the subject that concerns us. And it is that as you have been able to verify, in none of the previous points I have considered round or oval rugs , something that can change for this type of sofas. If you are looking for a more risky and striking decoration, this is your option. Would you dare to place a round rug on a corner sofa?

Choosing a carpet wisely

And so far our little review of the world of sofa rugs size. What type of rug do you like the most for your living room?