What type of lamp do I choose to decorate my house?

Posted on July 10th, 2021 01:21 PM
What type of lamp do I choose to decorate my house?

We all know how important it is to have good lighting at home, right? The environments can change completely depending on it, so it is an aspect that we must pay close attention to when decorating. For practical reasons, and also for aesthetic reasons, the type of lamp that we choose for each space in our home will have a special relevance in how that space looks in the end. For this reason, today we are going to review the different kinds of luminaires that we can choose to find out which is the most suitable for each corner of the house.

Types of lamps to decorate my home

Ceiling lamps

The classic ceiling lamp is not by chance and it is an essential element in any home. It helps us to illuminate the rooms from above, which makes the light scatter around the room so that we can see any corner properly. In addition, it is practically impossible not to find one that we like and adapt to our style, since there are them for all tastes and from different materials. From the mythical chandeliers with crystal to the modern pendant lamps made even of wood, these ceiling lights will be the perfect complement to give personality to a room.

Ceiling lamps

Recessed lamps

For those who do not want to lose a bit of space, recessed lamps are the best solution. They do not occupy anything neither on the wall nor on the ceiling and offer all the lighting that is needed. They provide a modern and clean touch to spaces and are perfect for minimalist environments that seek practicality.

Types of lamps to decorate my home

Table lamps

With auxiliary lighting we can give the game we want to every corner of the house. Using small pieces and even without cables, we are able to change the spotlight as many times as we want depending on our needs. And is that every moment of the night or every night of the week can be different ...

Types of lamp to decorate my house

Wall sconces

Wall lights are another perfect way to save space and to illuminate those rooms that require a lot of light, such as the bathroom. We can place them on the sides of the mirror of the sink or the dressing table and achieve a very glamorous dressing room-type atmosphere.

Wall lights for the bathroom

Standing lamps

Another great auxiliary piece as useful as it is decorative is the floor lamp. It can be combined with the rest of the lights in the room to obtain a unified style or to achieve the opposite effect by choosing them in a way that contrasts and achieves an eclectic atmosphere. Regardless of the aesthetic we choose, they are always a great help to offer us soft auxiliary lighting, perfect for reading or relaxing in our favorite corner.

What kind of lamp do I choose for my house

As we can see, there are multiple types of lamps and varied aesthetics and materials, so it is very easy to find the one that best suits our style. The most complicated thing in reality is to choose only one, that is why we choose to have a variety in each room according to the needs of our day to day.