Decorate your living room to receive winter through the big door

Posted on December 28th, 2019 11:11 AM
Decorate your living room to receive winter through the big door

The cold is a real sensation that also has a certain psychological component. Many people can not see snow images without feeling chills, on the other hand, there are people who feel cold when entering a room that was initially.

For these reasons and many others, we advise you to use the decoration of the space to convey warmth .

Elements such as cushions, decorate making the sofa look more attractive, in addition, if the covers are warm, just watching the sofa will feel a pleasant sensation of heat.

There are other elements that reinforce this type of sensations, and there are even certain decorative components, which help to make your rooms look more cozy and pleasant highlighting their warmth. Let's discover some!

1. Decorative plaids

The plaids are so tied to the winter and woolen socks or thermal shirts. It is these elements that should not exist should be invented because they solve all kinds of situations and make it more pleasant to fight the cold.

Plaids are, first of all, a decorative element. Just seeing them on the sofa gives it elegance that brings a warm touch to the room , this becomes a fundamental detail. Seeing a sofa with a plaid sliding from the backrest to the seat, invites you to sit and snuggle in the heat of the complement.

The plaid is also a useful and practical element of heat in the home . You can put it on your legs, throw it on your shoulders or curl up with it to watch TV when it's cold. Even if you have heating, you will appreciate that nice touch of warmth.

2. Multipurpose quilts for warm naps

The plaids are very good to cover up a bit watching TV, but there is nothing better than a fluffy quilt to take a good nap . And if the blanket is both decorative and beautiful, why hide it when she has just fallen asleep? It can be on one arm of the sofa, hanging slightly outwards, or it can be folded in some corner so that it looks unhindered.

These quilts available in easily combinable colors , such as warm yellows or cool blue and has a price that makes it even more attractive. Take a look and be seduced by its softness and its great warmth . In addition to using it for your naps it is ideal if you have a guest who will sleep on the sofa.

3. Heating proof plants

Plants are one of the most used decorative elements . When they are natural they give the room a very special touch. But the problem of indoor plants usually comes from the hand of heating, since it dries the environment and creates an atmosphere that not all plants are capable of withstanding.

The plants of the palm family, especially those with very narrow leaves, ficus or cactus are the most resistant indoor plants. Also some varieties of hanging plants such as potos may be valid for heated homes.

Try to place the plants away from the radiators and keep the soil with the recommended humidity levels . Being plants accustomed to desert climates, they are very hard and resistant and usually need very little care while being very decorative and beautiful.

4. Rugs to give more warmth

Rugs give a unique touch of warmth to the living room. Even if it has wooden floors, it is good that in winter a rug is placed to increase comfort . In addition, the carpet is practically essential if there are children who want to play barefoot or who love to lie on the floor to watch TV.

They take the rugs with color, which demand prominence in the living room or in the living room . In our catalog you will find different alternatives that you will love and you can combine with your textile styles. The colored rugs are perfect to use in rooms where the rest of textiles, sofa and curtains mainly have neutral tones.

5. Jaquard curtains

If the carpets dress a room, the curtains are no less important . Those of jaquard fabric have the advantage that they are elegant and light , but without being excessively thin, so they have a certain insulation component. They help not to feel so cold, in addition, they are important when you have to turn on the light early, since they allow you to enjoy intimacy inside the house.

The light tones allow the curtains to provide that point of warmth but , at the same time, do not reduce light , a very important detail in winter. The little natural light that we can enjoy should not be turned off by the curtains.