Ideas to have a minibar at home

Posted on June 12th, 2021 03:50 PM
Ideas to have a minibar at home

An area with a minibar can be a fun idea to decorate that empty corner of the house that we do not know what to fill. You get a space for extra leisure and at the same time a decorative element that can be the soul of a room with very little. In addition, there are usually options for all pockets and all tastes, so today we are going to see some ideas to have a minibar at home and choose your favorite.

A minibar with its own space

If we have an empty corner of sufficient size in the kitchen, dining room or living room, we can create our own space for our minibar. Using an auxiliary furniture to store drinks and dishes, you can define the bar area with an element such as a painting or some shelves, give it personality with a lamp, ornaments or an accessory and add some seats if you have enough space .

Corner with minibar
Minibar at home
Minibars with color

The eternal waitress

The most usual and practical option, since you can move it around to your liking whenever you want, it is also a very attractive and decorative way to have your minibar at home. It consists of using a waitress , a piece of furniture that you can easily find in many stores or even in markets if you have a good eye. There are also them of all styles and for all tastes: glamorous, elegant, industrial, rustic ...

Corners for relaxation
Elegant minibar
Waitresses to decorate

A minibar for small spaces

The solution for mini flats and homes with little space is something as simple as a tray. Almost all of us fit one in a place at home and it is also the most economical solution to create a minibar corner. Although it is a simple option, you can highlight the space and take advantage of the decoration, you just have to add a special ornament such as a table lamp, some colorful glasses or some original bottles.

Make a minibar at home
Ideas for a minibar at home
Decorate with trays