15 decorative ways to fold cloth napkins

Posted on July 25th, 2020 09:48 AM
15 decorative ways to fold cloth napkins

Today we want to focus your attention on a detail that we often do not take too much care of, but which can bring an important leap of quality to your table if you give it the importance it deserves: napkins . Today we collect 15 great ideas for folding cloth napkins in an innovative, original and very decorative way.

1. Fold cloth napkins: with folding

Fabric folding is a technique that is very reminiscent of the classic Japanese art of origami , with which you can get your napkin to represent delicate shapes simply by folding the fabric in the proper way. It is painstaking work and not particularly easy, but the result is most amazing and your guests will be amazed. Dare to try!



This beautiful rose is actually the simplest proposal in this category: wrapping the napkin in a spiral and accompanying it with fir branches and leaves, your napkin will be the most beautiful flower in the garden in the blink of an eye.




Two different versions of this proposal for folding cloth napkins in the shape of a Christmas tree : in the first, the tree is presented vertically , supported by a support and adorned with a Santa hat; in the second, we bet on the horizontal presentation on the plate and the minimalist inspiration, since we dispense with any decoration.

2. Fold cloth napkins: with napkin rings

If you do not look skilled enough to face the folding of napkins, you can always resort to the use of the handy napkin holders. If you combine them with the rest of the elements of the table and the house you will give continuity to the chosen Christmas style, in addition to presenting your cloth napkins in a sea ​​of ​​cute way without complicating your life .





A simple idea that is cheap and curious: use cookie cutters in the shape of stars as a napkin holder . It's super easy, and the truth is that it looks great!



Ears of wheat, red berries and natural branches, a set that is given cohesion using a satin bow or a textile that makes a good match with the napkin itself.


3. Fold cloth napkins: with pocket

Insert folds into napkins to create pockets  to put silverware or any other additional ornament. It is a super elegant idea and that gives a lot of play , since in the pocket you can put practically anything you can think of.


Why not use the lettering and the chalkboard effect ? It is one of the star trends of the season and can give a very personal touch to our table.



With these ideas you have a wide range of different possibilities when it comes to folding your cloth napkins. Dare to try something different this year by putting some of these proposals into practice, you will surprise everyone!