Decorate Christmas tables with style

Posted on December 3rd, 2018 11:26 AM
Decorate Christmas tables with style

Decorating the Christmas table is a beautiful tradition. A nice table is another way to please the guests and show them that they are special. The table is decorated to celebrate Christmas with the people we love most and there is no better reason than this for everything to be perfect and beautiful .

In each house there are different traditions, in some the same adornments are placed year after year. They have even passed through different generations. In others, something new is improvised on each occasion to surprise everyone.

In all cases, what is wanted is for people to be comfortable and the beautiful table, regardless of whether they love recharged styles and others love minimalism. But you will always appreciate the effort and work of who has been concerned that the table look special.

Dress the table, the first step

To have a Christmas table, the first step is to dress it. With our tablecloths you have a lot of options to find your own style . Our Christmas tablecloths are undoubtedly the most suitable for these dates.

It is true that buying a tablecloth for a single day a year may seem a little excessive, but it is such a special day and in which the details are taken care of, that it is really worth the effort. In addition, you can always use the tablecloth during these dates for any other meal and make any day at the end of December end up being a little more special.

If your Christmas spirit is not so high or if you want to mount an elegant table but with a more classic and conventional cut you can choose any other tablecloth from our catalog that suits more to the table style you want to wear.

The centerpiece, a detail with a lot of class

It does not matter if you do not usually use centerpieces, at Christmas it is almost an obligation. You can put a single large center or you can put several smaller centers distributed throughout the table.

The distribution must be made according to the space available and if the food is going to be served directly on the plates or trays are going to be placed on the table. There is the option to put the centerpiece and enjoy it during the appetizers but remove it once you are going to serve the main courses to give more space to the trays.

For the centerpiece we will propose three alternatives:

Centerpieces with fresh flowers. They are not the most usual, although their originality is becoming fashionable. They usually use flowers in red tones, such as red roses, and a lot of green, so that the colors are as Christmas as possible.

Centers with dried flowers. They are more common, in addition to dried flowers other traditional materials such as pineapples and mistletoe are used. For the most traditional, a Christmas centerpiece without mistletoe is like a tray of desserts for these dates without nougat.

Centers with candles and fruits. The candles combined with red apples, so typical of Christmas, is a good alternative for a different center. Along with apples you can place some dried leaves, which have been previously treated with gold and silver spray. Of course, apples can be eaten at the end of dinner, if someone prefers a healthy dessert to traditional sweets.

Candelabra, a Christmas classic

Candlesticks are another classic Christmas, which can help complete the decoration of the table. The ideal is to combine the chandeliers with a single center. An alternative decoration that is triumphing in recent years is to replace the candelabra, which many people do not have and do not want to buy for a single day, for drinks.

The cup is placed face down and the base is used to hold the candle. Cups of different sizes can be used to hold, for example, three candles, creating a wonderful multi-branched candelabra effect.

Children's table

In some houses the tradition is that the whole family sits at the table together, but in those places where there are many people to meet, for reasons of space are divided into two tables: the adult and the children.

If you decorate the tables you can not forget the little ones, creating something according to their age. For example, a candy-based centerpiece, such as Christmas sticks, is a great idea and they will love not only seeing a nice table for them, but also being able to eat them once dinner is over.