Discover the best day of the week to change your sheets

Posted on August 8th, 2020 02:06 PM
Discover the best day of the week to change your sheets

About changing the sheets, everything has been said, from those who take the issue to the extreme and affirm that they should be changed every day, to those who make the change as long as possible.

We are inclined to choose the day and the frequency depending on the circumstances of each person .

Once a week during the winter

In winter, you sweat less at night, so your bedding lasts longer, fresh and clean . For most people one change a week is more than enough. This is especially so for those who have a habit of showering before going to bed.

Air the bed daily, shake out the sheets and always make the bed before leaving home . This way, the sheets will be clean, fresh and will remain taut and stretched, which will make the feeling of getting into bed even more pleasant.

If you like the smell of fabric softener that the sheets have when you wash them, you can prolong it using fresh bath water, preferably without alcohol. With a spray spray a small amount on the sheets before making the bed, and you will have that good-smelling feeling when you get into bed at night.

What is the best day to change the sheets? This detail will depend on the customs of each person. For many, the weekend is when they are busy doing chores and putting in the washing machines, making it the best day. But if the custom is to put the washing machines during the week, then it will be the best time to make the change.

Increase frequency in summer

In summer we all sweat more at night and that is why the sheets tend to stain more . As in addition, at this time of year clothes dry very easily, it is not lazy to change the bed more frequently.

It is recommended to change the bed linen twice a week , for example on Sundays and Wednesdays. If you happen to sweat a lot on a particular night because it's too hot, an extra change can be made.

One hundred percent cotton sheets are the coolest for summer and the ones that breathe the best . If you use them, the bed will be more pleasant and dry during the night, even when the heat makes us have the sensation of being melted in bed.

The pillowcase, something very personal

The change of the pillowcases should be something independent of the change of the rest of the bedding . This is because most people sweat much more through the head than the rest of the body, especially when they sleep. This means that the pillow can have a smell or can even take on a certain tone of sweat.

Changing the pillowcase will help increase the feeling of cleanliness when getting into bed. In order not to forget to change the pillowcases, buy several covers in a neutral tone, or to match your duvet cover. Get used to making the change on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays , so you will follow a constant order and you will never forget to change your pillowcases.

Some people need to change their sleeves every day , during the summer . It does not have to be a problem and in the same way that we change our underwear, you can change the pillowcase to always have it clean and with a good smell, which will help to facilitate rest.

To try to make the pillowcases last longer fresh, it is advisable not to cover them with the quilt , but to leave them in the air and turn the pillow every day.

When hormones are revolutionized

There are times in people's lives when body odor varies due to hormonal changes . This case usually happens during adolescence, in the passage from children to adults. The evolution that takes place in their bodies affects in all senses and, in addition, changes in smell also occur.

If this is the case, you will have to change your bed more often when you sweat during the night. This type of reaction also occurs with adult women, when they reach the stage of menopause. Nighttime hot flashes can cause sheets to get soaked more often and need to be changed several times a week.

In both cases and at least while the hormones do not stabilize, the exclusive use of 100% cotton sheets is recommended , which will help the bed to be drier and more pleasant at night.