Guide On Choosing The Right Colored Scarves For the Perfect Look

Posted on September 3rd, 2018 08:36 AM
Guide On Choosing The Right Colored Scarves For the Perfect Look

There are unlimited number of options when it comes to choosing the right color of
scarf for the ultimate look. But which one suits you the best ? In our blog we will tell you how to choose the perfect scarf color that will complete the perfect look you are looking for.

The chromatic circle

In terms of fashion, each color has an impact on the spirit, but also on the climate of a room. The color circle represents the three primary colors (red, blue, yellow) as well as the other colors obtained after mixing these colors. Thanks to this circle, we can see which colors are associated in harmony or contrast.

Choose the color of your scarves according to the hot or cold colors

The colors in contrast are diametrically opposite on the circle, for example blue and orange. The colors in harmony are those that are closest to each other: light green, almond green and olive green 

Warm colors

For the choice of a scarf and in fashion, the red evokes your effervescence, your energy and your vitality. The symbol of this color is related to the mysterious side of femininity, heroes and intense passions. It brings life and personality to a room. Do not let him dominate the whole environment, he would not end up irritating you. For a scarf the yellow color characterizes you as a person who constantly strives towards a goal of perfection, solar color, expansive and full of exuberance. It is bright, cheerful and stimulating, it attracts the eye by brightening the room. For a scarf and in fashion, if you like orange, then you are a person leaning towards the emotional side, you need spiritual serenity.

Cold colors

For a scarf for men or women and in fashion, blue gives clues to a dreamy, contemplative temperament and for which meditation represents the escape from the troubles of everyday life. Cool and relaxing color, blue is conducive to inspiration and creativity, it has soothing virtues. For a scarf, green shows that you have a flexible temperament, which sees change as an opportunity, a positive and optimistic way of approaching life. Green is ideal for concentration, peaceful atmosphere and balance. In purple fashion talks about you by elegance and diplomacy. Purple implies a spiritual approach to life, with measure and wisdom. Purple is conducive to meditation, it also promotes calm. Neutral colors Cream, honey, chocolate, coffee. In fashion,

Black and white

In fashion, the choice of white accessories reflects your inclination towards spiritual serenity, your wisdom. Its symbol refers to the values ​​of purity and sincerity. For a scarf, the white enhances the other colors and enlarges the space. Practical, it marries with many colors.For a scarf man or woman, the choice of black accessories is found in your need to be organized, cautious in front of the obstacles of life. Black also means introspection. Used in excess, it can promote depression. Used in small keys, the black allows to structure your interior. , the little one, what we recommend above all, is to follow your instinct and to please you. Pleasure is the key word for fashion accessories like scarves, dare colors, dare blends. Nothing is ever final and if you have new desires, dare to give in!

Which color to choose for a woman's scarf?

There are lots of colors to choose scarves and scarves in plain, from pink to blue through the classic black white or khaki fighter. However, patterns and prints have more charm and more style possibilities. While a plain cheche is going to bring a single hue of solid plain silk scarf color , a chèche with original will set you apart from the others. Adopt basic clothes and indulge yourself with unique and colorful fashion accessories, you will see that the charm is even more important.

Scarf yes but volume before anything

Pay attention to some items at very low prices that tend not to be significant soon after the first wash. What is beautiful with a scarf or a scarf is obviously that it has volume and scale. Try to check this before you start your first purchase.  Price is not the only criterion for your purchase, at Roopantaran you will find the best variety of  high quality scarves and stoles, at the best prices. Make sure you visit our store..