Tote Bags An Accessory That Is Practical & Stylish

Posted on September 17th, 2018 10:01 AM
Tote Bags An Accessory That Is Practical & Stylish

One of the essentials luggage in today's time? The tote bag. It is a luggage that can be used at all the occasions and every situation : at the bakery, the grocery store, during a shopping session ... Using tote bags can help you avoid using a plastic bag more (too much!) And it's always a great initiative to keep the planet clean. Not just a style statement but this is one of the first green gestures that you can quickly adopt.  A cotton tote bag will look good and is a life saver when you need to carry your grocery, college stuff and work stuff along. Just quick put it in and you are ready to go! Also it avoids piling plastic bags at home for.

Cotton Block Printed Tote Bags

At Roopantaran you will find a wide range of cute and stylish hand block printed Tote Bags. These hand block printed totes are an perfect accessory which can be carried along with any kind of style you prefer. Hand block printing is a centuries old Indian art form that utilizes a hand carved teak wood block that is dipped in dye and stamped by hand onto cotton or silk. Each and every bag is made of a hand printed fabric and given a unique style. Be it the multi colored motif or traditional block print designs, these Hand Block Printed Tote had the ability to astonish the entire world with its design and utility.

Use Tote bag's Everywhere

Tote bag has many forms to adapt to every need: a trip for the weekend, a sports bag, a shopping bag ... You can always keep one in car and in your handbag too. This is the biggest I have and I must say, for having used it several times, it is convenient for carrying sports business or for departures on weekends. Some clothes, the vanity, the hair straightener, a pair of shoes ... It's big enough to accommodate everything you need for a quick trip. Multi-purpose. This is his advantage.

The tote bag for the "Purpose"

"Tell me what you have in your bag, I'll tell you who you are." Our bag is like a secret garden that we carry daily with us, on our hip, at the end of the hand, or on the back. What we carry - loose or not - is the perfect reflection of our personality and tells  (almost) everything about us. For some, their bag only serves them to carry the essentials: the cell phone, the wallet, the bunch of keys ... And everything is perfectly organized. As for the others, it is downright all their life that they carry around. With objects more or less unusual inside ... Anyway, it is well known, the larger the bag, the more we put. But the tote bag, it does not take place and it always serves the Purpose.

Advantages Of Tote Bags

1. Sustainability

Sustainability is another great benefit of the cloth bag. While plastic bags get damaged very quickly, cotton bags guarantee great durability and are more resistant to loads and long distances.

2. The aesthetic side

Because of their characteristics, the cotton bags have a unique style and different from that of plastic bags. They are fashionable: more and more people adopt it as an accessory to go shopping, work or for leisure.

3. The savings

The use of a cloth bag saves you from buying more and more expensive plastic bags, whether in stores or supermarkets. By taking your custom fabric bag with you, you will no longer need to buy plastic bags when you shop.